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Life Is Full Of Challenges

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LIFE IS FULL OF CHALLENGES Throughout my life I have always been really ambitious in what I wanted to achieve. To do this I have faced many challenges and I probably will continue to do so throughout my adult life. The first challenge that I remember very clearly was when my mum told me I would be going to a private school for my secondary education. She put my name down for two schools, St Columbus and Craigholme. The reason for this I was told was that I was not reaching my potential and Kilbarchan Primary School and certainly would not at Johnstone High. My teachers gave my excellent reports and I was often top of the class. ...read more.


I read on and discovered that it was an upmarket way of saying "story". I could not believe that Amy could have passed this test, it was just too hard. We had always competed for top marks in primary school, but now I was completely lost. The following week I returned to find out how well or how badly I had done. My mark was all right and I was told that I could become a student at that school if I wanted but there were other, better pupils who the headmaster would rather give my place to. I remember thinking to myself no, no, no, I did not want to go back, the work was too hard, I hated the uniform and most of all I knew I would not fit in. ...read more.


I did get in and to this day I continue to feel as though I still have many things to accomplish. As I mentioned earlier I am really ambitious and I want to achieve a great deal from life. I am hoping to pass all my Standard Grade exams with really good marks and go on to do higher and advanced higher in my favourite subjects in fifth and sixth year respectively. If I manage to do this then I will have achieved the first part of my goals and overcome many challenges in the process. The last major challenge in my education is getting a place in either St Andrews University or Cambridge University. That would be a dream come true for me and I know that I can do it to prove to myself that I can live up to everyone's expectations. Linda Whyte ...read more.

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