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methodologies for teaching English

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Methodologies used for teaching English to students of other careers and for teaching English as a foreign at the Western Multidisciplinary Campus of the National University of El Salvador Teaching has always been an evolutionary challenge for the educative community. Both teachers and students have to look for the most adequate strategy to transmit and to achieve knowledge. For example: English classes taught to students of other careers use the traditional translation method. And it makes students loose interest about the language. Classes taught to foreign students maintain them dynamically involved in the learning process. That's why; technical English teachers think that it is difficult to apply different methodologies when teaching this kind of English but there is a variety of methods from foreign that can be used in their fields. Technical English teaching styles are limited in methodologies. Students who have learned this kind of English for their careers can not make use of it in a free way as foreign students do because they have not learned it with a variety of wide objectives. When technical English students face the necessity of using the language in any situation, they feel frustrated since they are not able to connect their ideas for creating a complete thought. The uses that persons give to this kind of English are restricted to nouns, auxiliaries, commands, names, etc. that can be used at working time just to identify important things related with their major. ...read more.


Audio materials are a great complement for the text book used in the course because they include conversation, listening exercises, exercises and a brief explanation in the listening way of grammar and pronunciation. The different listening activities help the students to foster their hidden skills that will facilitate not only their classes but also their work in their specific areas. That's why, students can feel passionate about the variety of things they can do for having a good listening skill. As well as methodologies for listening are important in teaching foreign English, speaking methodologies help students to communicate their thoughts in an easier way. Teachers use speaking by applying different kinds of strategies and methods in their lessons to have their students talking about their opinions or reproducing the words given. Oral interaction in the classroom is essential because not only served to learn new words and vocabulary but also served for the students to socialize among themselves. Conversations are a great strategy to reach this objective because it has students talking and learning from each other's mistakes. An excellent way to have students talking is group work; in group work students share ideas and combine points of view in order to accomplish an activity. Likewise group work, debates help students to establish a position, pro or con, on a topic. Debates give freedom to students to talk and to share thoughts. ...read more.


. Consulted on May 24th, 2006 in http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/MG098 Bibliographic resources: Interviews (annex) UNIVERSITY OF EL SALVADOR MULTIDISCIPLINARY WESTERN CAMPUS FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT QUESTIONARY ABOUT "METHODOLOGIES USED FOR TEACHING ENGLISH TO STUDETNS OF OTHER CARRERS AND TEACHING ENGLISH AS A FOREIGN" NAME: _________________________________________________________ ENGLISH (TECHNICAL / FOREIGN) TEACHER 1. Do you use a variety of strategies for teaching English? 2. What kind of strategies do you use? 3. Which strategies do you think are the best? 4. Do you think games are a good tool for teaching vocabulary? Why? 5. What kind of games do you use in your classroom? 6. How do you maintain your students involved in the learning process? 7. Which skill do you think is the most important for your students? Why? 8. How do you encourage students to study at home? 9. What kind of complications do students face when they translate? 10. Do you think that repeating is good for pronunciation? Why? 11. Do you think that the number of students can interfere in the teaching process? Why? 12. How many students do you think is the best amount for each group? 13. Do you think visual aids are important for reinforcing students learning? How do you use them? 14. How do you assess your students at learning? 15. Do you consider games are a useful part of your teaching process or just a wasting time activity? Why? 16. Which methodology from the other teaching style would you include in your curriculum? Why? Thank you for your help!! ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Methodologies for teaching English ...read more.

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