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MULTIPLE ROLES OF A TEACHER INTRODUCTION T eaching is the activity of causing students to learn something. (That is, teaching is the activity of facilitate learning.) If we define teaching as transferring knowledge, excellence in teaching is excellent dissemination of knowledge. The quality of teaching will then depend on the quality of the knowledge transmitted, and the way it is transmitted through syllabus design, readings, handouts, and lectures. Most of the cases in our society in teaching are based on transferring the knowledge only. Defining teaching as facilitate learning it implies that while considerations of knowledge transfer are no doubt important. They are valuable only in relation to the quality of learning that they trigger. If the teaching activities do not result in learning, there has been no teaching. Likewise, if the learning is lacking in quality, the teaching is unsuccessful to some extent. Finally, there are modes other than that of knowledge transfer which can play a more effective role in the triggering of learning. Hence, an excellent teacher needs to go beyond excellent lecturing or excellent knowledge dissemination. So it is obvious that an effective teacher must have multiple roles in the teaching profession. This paper outlines the multiple roles of a teacher and how well it can be implemented, (using a 2 questioner, in appendix 1, I have assessed the difficulties and roles) ...read more.


Certain circumstances the class may not be normal due to various reasons. In these situations the teacher should be a good communicator and a capable councilor. If the teacher fails to have these two essential roles in a disturbing situation definitely it will create misunderstandings and troubles in the class and will not be able to archive the target objectives. Most of our teachers are lacking these roles as they have alternatives like sending a student to the office. When a teacher faces a behavioural problem, it is more effective to solve these problems personally with the student, instead of taking it in to the school management. It helps to build a strong relation with the student and will develop the skill of counseling and effective and argumentative communicating of the teacher. Teaching is a skill which combines the roles and responsibilities with the personal behaviour. Different teachers have different personality, since some of the roles are dependent on personality. There are few differences in the roles of different teachers. One teacher has revealed that the roles are the just the activities he does in the school while the other teacher describes the roles of a teacher as a roles of a responsible parent. So there are quite big differences in these roles according to these two teachers. Some teachers are thinking that the role of a teacher is fixed and limited according to the rules and regulations of the school and they are doing just the management asks them to do, nothing more and nothing less. ...read more.


But due to various reasons some schools are unable to provide enough resources to the teachers to stay them up to date. Another major constrain, which is very common in our society, is the family problem of the students. Students are from broken families normally creating problems in the class. Teachers are facing problems to deal with such students as there are no one at home to support the student and the needs of the teacher. Teachers need proper support from the parents, as one teacher describes the role of a teacher as a parent. But there are teachers who do not agree with this view as they do not think that there are any importances of dealing with the community. To develop the teaching profession teachers need the help from the management. Some teachers are very skilful while the others require constructive help from the management. But in some schools teachers do not get the co operation to the extent they expect. Conclusion Teachers can overcome these constrains by making the management aware of the problems that they are facing. Definitely an effective management would have many alternative solutions for most of the problems. In some cases the teachers are reluctant to share their ideas with the management. An efficient and confident teacher will never hesitate to raise a question or share the ideas with anyone it may concern. Teachers must be open and genuine in all the aspects of teaching career and the helping profession must keep as a helping profession for ever. ...read more.

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