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Principles of assessment in lifelong learning

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  • Submitted: 18/09/2012
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University Degree Teaching

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Unit 9

The types of assessment in lifelong learning are:

Diagnostic assessment: This is to assess past learning and is often used to assess the standards of students before work starts

Formative assessment: This is an ongoing assessment to see how learners have taken in information and can be conducted as homework, quizzes or informal discussions.

Summative assessment: The concluding assessment to a period of teaching such as Aâ levels or GSCEâs

Taking the above there are forâs and againstâs in all the above methods such as the exam environment can put dread into people whilst others revel in it. Many learners are more practical than exam orientated and as such would be better at doing an oral assessment or practical assessment. Some people are very good at remembering whilst others cant retain information over a long period but doesnât mean they will be a bad learner. Finally the educator assessment which is vital to maintain standards can be a stress on the educator who is already under time and work pressures.

At the Priory Trust which delivers apprenticeships in the workplace, we have a BSA assessment that is carried out on

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