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Provide a rationale for the teaching and learning activities you have selected or devised to demonstrate your chosen aspect

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Provide a rationale for the teaching and learning activities you have selected or devised to demonstrate your chosen aspect. Throughout this assignment my aim is to explain what we did for our micro lesson and the explanation behind why we did it. For our micro lesson we have decided to focus on two aspects of citizenship, group work and developing effective learners. We felt group work was an important strategy to implement in our lesson because it is an alternative approach to individual practice and has gained popularity in recent years. We came to the conclusion that the group work would allow the students to foster many benefits such as: 'Development of social skills. Working with other students may help them to develop their empathetic abilities, by allowing them to see others' viewpoints, which can help them realise that everyone has strengths and weaknesses' (DFES, 2000, p.18) We thought if we focus on this aspect of citizenship, we will enhance student's communication skills, social skills and many other factors which will allow them to become good citizens. Developing an effective learner is also a key aspect in our micro lesson because we as a group felt that students' learning is more effective when it takes place in an environment where students can express their opinions freely, i.e. ...read more.


We felt this was important because our starter will allow students to sharpen prior learning and will focus on skills which will be needed in the main part of the lesson. The main part of the lesson provides time for introducing a new topic and to make clear to the class what they will learn and the understanding behind it. Finally the plenary will allow time where the teacher can help pupil's assess their developing knowledge i.e. whether they have achieved the set DLO's. The starter we selected is known as a snowball activity. Students were asked individually to right down a good set of ground rules for a group discussion. We chose this activity when reading through unit 7 'Group Work Teaching and Learning in Secondary Schools' (DFES, 2000. p.4) because we learnt that a "snowball" activity provides a very tight structure for group work and is an ideal way to start a group activity. Also young people work best when they are involved in developing their own ground rules. Once students had individually developed a set of ground rules, they were than asked to compare their list with a partner, and agree on a set of ground rules which are needed for a group discussion. ...read more.


The benefit of single gender grouping is that it is socially more comfortable for some students. "Inspectors frequently find that boys and girls choose to work and play separately. They seldom opt to do collaborative or group work in mixed sex groups, and sometimes show a marked reluctance to do so". (Ofsted, 1996, p. 20) Our purpose of the plenary was to assess whether pupils had achieved the DLO's set at the beginning of the lesson. We decided we would use the final five minutes of the lesson to reflect upon what pupils had learnt. This we felt was a very important part of the lesson as pupils, individually and as a group can gather their thoughts as to what they have learnt and if any misconceptions have occurred it would be a perfect time to understand and resolve them. Finally to conclude the planning of the micro lesson we ensured all group members were fully involved by giving a role to each individual i.e. myself to teach the starter, Pippa and Sue to take charge of the main lesson and Michelle to take charge of the plenary. This however does not mean we did not help each other in the planning of the lesson; we all contributed equally to the micro lesson, and agreed on every aspect of decision making through effective group work. ...read more.

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