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Reflecting on Learning Support. Within the sequences we watched a number of well executed learning experiences. We witnesed constructive and socio-constructive theories.

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Introduction The first excerpt chosen is Sequence One. This sequence shows a number of scenarios where Learning Support Assistants are deployed in different roles. It starts with an interview with a teacher and assistant explain how they work together. This is followed by assistants who are bilingual, supporting non-English speakers in school. The content of the excerpt also shows assistants at work in the class offering one-one support as well as small discussion groups. Role play is featured examining how the assistant relates to children during that time. We also learn of the assistant's role in the playground. This can be a challenging time and the assistants speak of their personal interaction that occurs in that situation. The final clip is that of a Physical Education class and the use of an assistant that uses sign language to not only deaf pupils but to the whole class. The second excerpt chosen is Sequence Five. This sequence is called Pop Stars. The pupils are given a task to develop a project about a Pop Star. The project is explained by a pupil who describes the requirements of the project in great detail. The class are set into groups and must arrange a serious of tasks relating to a pop group. The various roles and tasks must be discussed and agreed by each member of the group. ...read more.


They saw themselves as role models for appropriate social interaction and behaviour. They achieved this by using a different approach which the child could recognise. All of this was completed within the schools set school framework. A classroom assistant is in a privileged position in a school. Assistants can take the time to observe a child as a whole rather than in separate parts. With this opportunity the assistant show great flexibility, willingness to reflect and open minded outlook. These skills will help each child with development appropriate learning skills. In the classroom they play a supportive role to the children and to the teacher. Within discussion groups they can use a structures strategy to develop the child's learning. The assistants interacted in a positive manor, correcting unwanted behaviours and exhibiting correct interactions. "Using a different language but always the same message as the teacher." The use of bilingual assistants covered in the sequence shows that this could increase not only the children's confidence but also that of their parents. The fact that someone can converse in their native language was of huge support to the school. The assistants ability to personally connect with the child and their families, allows for greater trust of the whole education establishment. Sequence Five-Pop Stars The most striking thing about this sequence is that the pupils are describing the task they were involved in. ...read more.


We witnesed constructive and socio-constructive theories. Constructive learning did take palce in the sequences. This involved some of the children were learning from the environment that they live in. Most of the learning we saw was socio-constructive when the children were learning from their social interactions with others. These social interactions with their peers or with trusted adults were vital to continual learning. All the assistants in the excerpt showed great skill and understanding how to motivate a child. This allowed them to develop and build personal relationship with the children, enabling them to bridge gaps in their knowledge or to build on their existing knowledge. During the excerpts there was some very good practice that I would like to introduce to my everyday interactions with children. The impact on my practice will be to increase my observations of children at all times. These observations will allow more opportunities to provide a learning experience for the child. I must then communicate effectively to the educational team, which I must play a greater role in. This development will enhance my relationships with children as well as the teaching staff. It will give the opportunity for me to experience how other people acquire knowledge. This part of the course has given me the potential to develop my role as a classroom assistant further. Through my study of this area I have gained many new theories, which I will adapt and share with my colleges. ...read more.

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