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safegurading children

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(Part ii) Original submission date: 18th march Extended submission date: 8th April The inviolability of childhood is constructed as a matter of both physical and psychological containment . . . (abuse of) a child is thus understood not only as an invasion of the pure sphere of childhood . . . but as symptomatic of a wider social malaise in which children are no longer protected.' Tincknell, E., (2005) Mediating the Family, London: Hodder Arnold, (page 97) Write an essay that discusses the views expressed by this statement: In this assignment I will provide an evaluation on how children within society are being safeguarded. Childhood is what children and parents make it and it's important to ensure they are all receiving a better and more enjoyable childhood. All children are in a protective bubble by their parents and only when they are allowed out of this bubble they start to learn for themselves and build their own independence. Children need to be protected and given the right opportunities and facilities to be brought up and be given the right freedom they need but not to the extent where they are becoming neglected and unprotected. Through many contributing factors, childhood can be affected; reasons on how this affects children will be discussed. Society can have an effect of children's individual childhood as there are many factors that can affect it. ...read more.


Also for their development, keeping in good contact with their nursery/school etc making good communication with them, to see how your child is coping, developing etc and any issues that need to be addressed. Parenting classes; these are provided through agencies such as sure start. Sure Start is the Government's programme to deliver the best start in life for every child, and help parents' choose with confidence, how they balance their work and family commitments. "Sure Start will deliver better outcomes for all children, families and communities by working with local authorities and local partners to provide high quality early learning and integrated health and parental services. Services will increase the availability of childcare; improve the health, education and emotional development of children; and support parents" www.surestart.gov.uk/factfile Through good parenting it will provide children with a better upbringing and enable children to have and experience the important, childhood. By going to parenting classes, parents have the opportunities to meet other parents but to also share experiences with one another and discuss any issues that affect them. The internet The internet can be taken in two ways, really useful and helpful for children, but then again really dangerous for them. Parents should allow child access to the internet as it helps them build a wide knowledge and understanding of things they want to know and also talking to friends and building a social network. ...read more.


Resources such as help lines, are available for parents, here they can confidentially admit where they may be struggling and to gain advice on better parenting strategies when in their situation. The support services, such as sure start, are provided to help create better and fulfilled childhood for children. The DfES should ensure that staff working with or in contact with children with disabilities, in private fostering situations and with asylum-seeking children, know how to recognise the signs of abuse or neglect and which procedures to follow in such cases. The DfES should also review arrangements in currently unregulated settings such as sports, music or language centers. All children need to be protected, given freedom, space to breath, individual needs catered for, loved and the chance to develop and learn in their own way. If parents have chose to bring that child into the world they should protect it and love and care for that child. No child should be neglected, be abuse of suffer because of their parents mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes and should be given chances but not in a way where a child is getting hurt or the welfare of the child is also affected. Professionals and organisations need to work together and work with parents to ensure that the children are getting the best help they need, whether that may mean living with their parents or being taken away from them. The child's safety is more important and it's vital that they are protected. ...read more.

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