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Selecting and Evaluating Resources

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Selecting and Evaluating Resources Contents Introduction 2 The Student 3 Material A 4 Material B 6 References 9 Introduction This assignment evaluates two pieces of material in their usefulness for a particular student. It describes the resource, its purpose and relevance to the student. The Student The student I shall set my assignments for is Simon Ward. Simon has difficulty with reading, writing and daily mathematical tasks. He can read signs and simple text but has become increasing left behind in reading age compared to his children, Peter and Paul, who have just been awarded level 3 in their sats tests. He is able to copy out the information required to write a cheque but lacks confidence and always asks Nancy, his wife to check it for him. He has acknowledged these difficulties and wants to tackle them. As a parent of two eleven-year-old boys, he wants to ensure that he is able to help his children when asked, and share in their increasingly complicated activities. They have a dog and two cats as family pets. Simon and his children hold season tickets to see Arsenal Football club and are active football supporters. He has become aware of the learning opportunities open to him via his union and through the workplace in Brice's Engineering Factory. Simon has worked on the shop floor in the factory full time for the past 15 years. ...read more.


Appropriateness in terms of age, gender and culture for your student and other students The picture on the card makes it suitable for any age, however it may be more suitable for a pet owner. Presentation in terms of clarity and quality The use of the card is obvious and so are the areas that Simon can use to write on it. It is large enough to be able to write clearly in the card and on the envelope. Enhancements Instruction for use Sample greetings might be shown to Simon if used for an early task. Sample addresses might be suitable to show to Simon. Simon should be able to understand the task without complicated instructions but may require vocal encouragement. Self-checking devices The use of a bank of sample greetings will allow Simon to check out his own greeting in comparison. The use of a bank of sample-addressed envelopes will allow Simon to check out his own envelope in comparison. Information about next level or further practice etc Blank cards without any text could be the next stage. This will encourage Simon to be able to create his own for his own special occasion. Material B The second resource that I have selected is a web site. This works well with Simon's interest in Arsenal football club. The Material Is it a reading book/workshop/computer program? ...read more.


Enhancements Instruction for use Initially I would want to print out a few pages of the site. It might be useful to cut up the pages into the sections and frames and deal with each of these as a separate reading exercise with Simon. As he progresses he may wish to create his own match reports and perhaps incorporate a fan's forum page into the site (this is likely to be a very long term goal) PS. Simon likes the use of the term GOAL to describe his targets. Self-checking devices Simon can begin to keep a players diary. This can be done using cuttings from printouts of the site. He may also wish to keep a record of each of the opposing teams match reports and scores. These can then both be used as references when looking at the sites latest updates. The site content is updated usually once or twice a week, and using these diaries he should begin to recognise some of the text without assistance Information about next level or further practice etc The vocabulary on the site may be limited to football terminology but should be an excellent motivator for Simon on his way to becoming fully literate. As Simon becomes confident accessing and navigating the site I would encourage him to participate in the online surveys. As a complimentary task he can also map the use of numbers in the site to build on his numeracy skills. ...read more.

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