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Should a university education be free to all those that want it? What are the problems involved in students having to pay for higher education?

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Should a university education be free to all those that want it? What are the problems involved in students having to pay for higher education? Introduction In recent years, a growing number of students will carry on to university after their A-levels, but there is a discussion in our society as to whether they should pay for higher education? In some countries such as Germany, higher education is free to all. However, in Britain, students have to pay tuition fees. Some people believe that it is good for students to fund themselves, but others disagree with it. They think that it is unfair for the students who come from a poorer background. The aim of this essay is to address this social issue and explore the problematic areas associated with both arguments. Discussion First of all, there are some authors who argued why higher education should not be free for students. ...read more.


At the moment, the UK loses many top researchers to the US, where salaries are mostly double the UK" (T.Pettinger: Economics help 2007) Moreover, universities can use that money to do research to help the country develop. Therefore, from above points, paying tuition fees can bring many benefits for the society. On the other hand, those authors who support free universities suggested otherwise. There are many students who are poor but intelligent and hard working, they may not be able to get support from their family, so how can they pay for universities? It forces many students to take part time jobs while studying (BBC News, 2007). Part time jobs may lead to many problems for students. For example, it can introduce stress and distract attention from study. Although the UK government alleged that students do not need to get part time jobs because they can take out a Student Loan (which can cover tuition fees, accommodation and other living costs), many have done this. ...read more.


Students can be the scientist and find new technology. there is one more point must be considered that is how students will contribute to the country after graduation. The result is to help the country develop. (Student Loans, 2007) Therefore, the social benefits of universities are higher than private benefits and university education gives benefits to the rest of society (Liverpool Echo, 2003). Therefore, self-funding may not be a fair option. And some people believe that the best way is to make Higher education totally free. Conclusion In conclusion, I have demonstrated in this essay that there are arguments to support the view that there are positives and negatives for students paying for their tuition fees. If higher education is free or students are paying tuition fees, both can lead to many problems from the authors point. Conversely, they can also both bring benefits for our society. In my opinion, we ought to pay for higher education; however, some of the subjects, such as science, medicine and education should be free to encourage more students to come to study. ...read more.

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