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Should Surveillance Cameras be placed in Classrooms? Discuss.

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Essay: Should Surveillance Cameras be placed in Classrooms? Discuss. Should surveillance cameras be placed in classrooms? My opinion is that surveillance cameras should be placed in classrooms in schools throughout the UK, but only under certain circumstances. If cameras were placed in classrooms, pupils, as well as teachers, could be surveyed throughout the school day. While some people are totally against this idea, others think it is a very helpful way to sort out some school and pupil problems. However, many people are also uncertain. Teachers and pupils also have different views on this issue. My personal view is that there are advantages, as well as disadvantages in placing cameras in classrooms. The question 'Should surveillance cameras be placed in classrooms?' is debatable. Although I personally think cameras are a good idea, there are many people who are uncertain about the issue, as well as others who are against it. Both those two groups of people have their own different views and opinions on the subject matter. There are advantages as well as disadvantages in having surveillance cameras in classrooms. ...read more.


for example, then the cameras recordings would provide here enough evidence to persuade the parents that their son/daughter was in the wrong. Something closely linked to this, would be that cameras recording could show, on parent's evening for example, whether their children are really working as hard as they say they are, or whether they are doing something else. A final advantage is that truancy could be found out about. Cameras would record whole classrooms, and would show which pupils are present and absent. If pupils were present in one lesson and absent in another, they could be traced and questioned by teachers. There are however disadvantages in having cameras placed in classrooms too. The main disadvantage here is that privacy of pupils' conversations can perhaps be 'invaded' upon by teachers, for example. This would be so as cameras could be a mere excuse for school staff to simply just be nosy as listen in on student's conversations with others. Unfortunately there is no way that this can be prevented, as the main reason for sound recording is to catch misbehaving pupils. ...read more.


In conclusion, the advantages of having surveillance cameras placed in classrooms clearly seem to outweigh the disadvantages. But, although there are far more advantages than disadvantages of having surveillance cameras, some of the disadvantages are very important to consider. In considering placing cameras in classrooms in schools, the ways in which the disadvantages could be dealt with should be thoroughly and carefully be considered. How might private conversations be prevented from being heard? Whereabouts could the cameras be placed in the classroom so that they wouldn't be distracting? How could vigilantism and snooping be prevented? These questions, and more need to be suggestively answered. A suggestion would be that if the footage were recorded on computer, the computer's access could possibly be password-protected, or if a TV were used, the room where the TV is could be locked. To prevent personal conversations being heard, passwords activating sound could also be created. Sound, although would always be recorded, would require a password to be input, which would activate the sound hearing function. Finally, I would like to say that cameras should only be placed in schools where they are really desperately necessary. Cameras, although are the best source for evidence, can have a few major exceptions too. ...read more.

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