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Stress Management.

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Case Study Stress Management Davina Marie Narayanan #0301C44412 Period 2 BOH4M Mr. Boodram 17 November, 2003 Stress is an integral part of our daily life, whether we choose to acknowledge its presence or not. Defined as "worry and pressure caused by having too much to deal with" (Oxford Wordpower Dictionary), stress is not necessarily bad all the time. Managed properly, stress can positively impact our lives and produce outstanding results in our favor. On the other hand, negatively handled, stress can manifest itself physically, and emotionally, leading to mental breakdown and health problems in the long run. The former is known as 'Eu-stress', and the latter, 'distress'. Effects of Eu-stress are enriched lifestyles, self-awareness/capabilities, and a motivating factor in everyday experiences. Distress on the hand, can trigger depression, rejection, anger, insomnia, or heart disease. The key to use stress to our own advantage is to find the right balance; the 'optimal level of stress' that each individual needs to keep motivated but not to the extent of causing 'distress'. ...read more.


Because coursework is a major component in the syllabus (70%), students in CPU are expected to do a lot of individual tasks and many hands-on projects/assignments. As the bulk of the assessment comes from these tasks and not one final written paper, the pressure to excel in these tasks is very high, and as such, generates stress in generous amounts to the CPU student. Before the end of the semester, those 'distressed' and those 'eu-stressed' are identifiable because the distressed, who tend to be procrastinators, wind up handing in half-past-six assignments as a result of bad time management whereas those eu-stressed are still bright-eyed, and alert, coolly breezing through the semester. As one who has had first-hand experience, I can personally relate to both categories of students as I practice a bit of both. It is important to note that factors such as peer groups, home and social environment, an important part to maintaining stress levels. ...read more.


Again, it is how one views things that make a difference, so to be a successful CPU student, it is important to keep things positive and take an interest in the subject matter. Doing that distances one from feelings of boredom and depression that ultimately leads to all the symptoms of distress. "All work and no play makes Jack (and everyone else) a dull boy". Also abide by this rule, as a student will not have truly experienced learning if he/she has not experienced life outside of the academia. An all-rounder, is what every student should learn to be, and the CPU program presents an excellent opportunity for a healthy, social mix. Bear in mind again, that the company you keep produces the results you reap. So it is with this that I conclude, that the most important thing, above everything else, for a CPU student to effectively manage stress, or anything else for that matter, is to practice, limitation. I have personally benefited from this, and it is a full-proof, guarantee to effective stress management, for any CPU student, both past and present. ...read more.

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