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"Studying abroad".

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Introduction to advanced writing Final version for assignment 1: "Studying abroad" Sir, In reply to the anonymous correspondent who criticised study abroad, I would like to make the following points. Nowadays, it is true that a large number of this country's students go abroad to study. Why? In order to answer this question, it is important to keep all factors that might convince students to go abroad in mind but also understand them. Students often go abroad not only to study but as well as that, to improve their foreign languages, enrich their personal experience and, sometimes, because the academical programme they are looking for is taught abroad in a different way, the subject is approached from another angle. ...read more.


In addition, a common challenge faced by students who go study abroad, is the foreign language. The large majority of the students that study abroad, make this choice either because there is a broad education in English or in their mother tongue, furthermore in one of the foreign languages they have learned at school. This is often seen as a major problem while in fact it is a positive aspect of studying abroad. Certainly students will have to adapt, however it might be necessary to add that some foreign language classes are organised anyway. Consequently each student can improve his skills and maybe even learn a new foreign language. This is important during the student's learning process, on account of this, after his study, abroad or even in his country of origin. ...read more.


This ready-made idea is wrong and foolish provided that a proper analysis is done. A student who will decide to go abroad for studying will definitely not drift away from his culture and values, for multiple reasons; it takes more than a decade to acquire and understand a culture, therefore a couple of years abroad only puts the student's culture into perspective. The foreign student will obtain a glimpse of another culture and better understanding of the country he/ she decided to study in. Moreover, the student will be capable of discerning the differences between the two countries and get a broader view of his position as a person in the globalised world he is living in. For all of the above reasons, one should encourage this phenomenon instead of discouraging it. Yours faithfully, Alexis Tilliard The Hague, THE NETHERLANDS ...read more.

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