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Support and guidance for students

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SUPPORT AND GUIDANCE FOR STUDENTS Introduction For most teachers, managing and supporting students constitutes the main substance of their work. There is a great deal of importance in further education on supporting and managing students while they are studying and learning. Students are offered with various services which includes advice, guidance, tutoring and counselling. These services are offered to students as soon as they enrol into the college. Teachers and existing students describe the learning opportunities which are available and experts give advice on issues such as Educational Maintenance Allowance and advice for those with learning difficulties. At present, I teach the ESOL students of Brooke House Sixth Form College Information Technology. During my teaching, I managed and supported my students by acting as a mentor, by communicating effectively with them, by actively listening to my students, being empathetic and providing constructive feedback to them. The Teacher as mentor A mentor is someone who takes a special interest in helping another person develop into a successful professional. A mentoring relationship develops over an extended period, during which a student's needs and the nature of the relationship tend to change. A mentor will try to be aware of these changes and vary the degree and type of attention, help, advice, information, and encouragement that he or she provides. ...read more.


I also plan in formative assessment into the lesson plan and give homework to students in order to provide feedback. Finally, I ask them to give me their feedbacks to show them that I learn from feed back too. Basic principles of classroom control Class management is one of those expressions that cover everything that goes in the classroom. Although this may cover many aspects of teaching, the focus should always be on how to improve the quality of one's lesson. A strong classroom management system helps all students develop positive classroom behaviour and organizational skills. A teacher can provide the important foundation for improving behaviours and promoting student success by maintaining an orderly classroom environment. A teacher can gain and maintain classroom control by; Being flexible and available to student Teachers should try and learn the name of their students and say them. When I do this with my students they become very relaxed with me and they feel welcomed in the class. I try to get to the classroom 15 minutes before class starts in order to get everything ready for my students. Whenever a decision must be made, during class or outside, invite the students to take part. Being fair and firm If there is something about the classroom or a student's behavior that's unacceptable, I do not tolerate it. ...read more.


* Valuing students equally , treating them with equal respect, offering and giving equal help * Adopting assessment methods which do not penalise the ESOL students, for example, I use plain English with them when teaching so that they could understand me without any problems. * Making sure that my teaching materials are in gender-free language. * Dealing with sexist behaviour in students in firm but fair manner. I criticise the behaviour but not the students. * Asking questions both male and female students questions. * Making sure that materials and resources used, for example, OHPs, Handouts can be well read and seen * Trying my best to help and support the quiet and shy students. In conclusion, I would say that during my teaching, I have supported my students by treating them as individuals, showing them mutual respect, adapting learning to meet students' needs, making learning relevant and accessible to students in order to motivate and make students focus, giving them constructive feedback about their learning and receiving feedback from them about my teaching and finally I also support them by referring them to various learning support available in the College and outside the college. 1 Teaching Training and learning by Ian Reece. Page 355 2 http://www.infoplease.com/ipd/A0424447.html 3 Rogers and Kramer 1995 4 Teaching Training and Learning: a practical guide by Ian Reece 5 A Practical Guide Teaching Today by Geoffrey Petty 1 ...read more.

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