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Supporting and Tutoring Learners

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CERTIFICATE IN EDUCATION - YEAR 1 SUPPORTING AND TUTORING LEARNERS ASSIGNMENT Introduction 'Being a tutor is about taking on a particular responsibility for supporting individual students' Chandler (2001:23). If only it were that simple! The responsibility in becoming a tutor is enormous. The advanced skill and knowledge that have to be attained is no mean feat and in my experience can take a few years to adjust to. This combined with diversity in our learners' needs makes tutoring a specialist role that must to be taken very seriously. Who is my Learner? My learner is a 25 year old mother of a 3 year old child. For the purpose of this assignment I will refer to her as X. She is not working at this time and is receiving financial support from the state. Why this Learner? There are a number of reasons that I chose X for my study. Primarily it was because she has mild dyslexia which I have yet to encounter in my teaching and tutoring role. Although her mild dyslexia mainly has effect on her comprehension and memory. Spelling and pronunciation is also a factor although this most learners find difficult at the beginning of the course but through constant use they soon become accustomed to it. ...read more.


Section 2 Induction Included in the information sent to X were details of the induction process. Dates were given for her to attend the college for diagnostic testing which is undertaken in the Learning resource Centre, orientation and the fresher's' fair. X found that this will help her feel less anxious when she arrived on her first day. Initial assessment was also carried out by me on the first day of the course which included a variety of discussions and activities. These are designed to discover anything which may inhibit the learning process. It is the process of identifying an appropriate programme of learning for each individual helping both teacher and learner to 'create conditions necessary for study' (Minton 1997) although the information must be used for the process to become worthwhile! Learner X experienced: * Introductions * Icebreaker activities - a paired and grouped exercise to encourage mixing (appendix 3) * Expectations exercise - a grouped exercise to determine expectations and attitudes of all concerned * Learning Styles Questionnaire - to determine her preferred style (appendix 4) * Prior knowledge questionnaire - to give me an idea of any previous experience, knowledge or qualifications related to beauty and any anxieties she may have (appendix 5) ...read more.


During class work and tutorials, I have given her small but achievable tasks and asked for clarification from her during any kind of instruction. I have ensured clear explanations and phonetic breakdown of long terminology and provided her with an ongoing glossary. I have made sure that she is paired with as many members of the class as possible to not only help her make friends but also indirectly learn from them too. I have brought her forward in the classroom, given her lots of encouragement and action planning. I have adopted as many visual and kinaesthetic teaching strategies as possible to enable X to learn and so reach her potential which together with the support she is receiving from the LSA has given her a boost in confidence and is now seeing that she is in fact achieving. I feel that it has been easier for me to support her because I am both her teacher and tutor which has enabled me to continually monitor her and whether my strategies have been successful! We have built a trusting relationship where there is mutual respect and she feels that she is within a healthy, equal and supportive learning environment. As Minton (1997:152) aptly puts, 'how you are is as important as what you do. Students quickly identify the people they can trust. ...read more.

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