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Teaching Aims: 1. Train the students' listening abilities(skills)2. Revise the words and phrase in this unit(knowledge)3. Moral objectives Teaching contents

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Samples for a teaching plan: Teaching plan for period 1 unit 1 B1 NSE Lecturer: who Class where Time when General content : Warming up Teaching Aims: 1. Train the students' listening abilities(skills) 2. Revise the words and phrase in this unit(knowledge) 3. Moral objectives Teaching contents 1.Teaching Important points 1)sound: 2)vocabulary: 3)gammar(sentence patterns): 2.Teaching difficult points 1)sound: 2)vocabulary: 3) gammar(sentence patterns): Teaching aids: Teaching tools: wall charts,simplified pictues,pictures,real things,everything in the the classroom, Modern teaching equipment: 1. a tape recorder 2. a projector 3.computer Teaching method: Blackboard word design: Teaching procedures: Step I.( 5`) Greeting freely in Enlish with SS T: Good morning, everyone. S: Good morning. Step II. Lead- in T: we have learnt how to make a call. Now let's make a telephone. Situation You are supposed to be a shopkeeper in the flower shop. Jim is a customer. He ordered some flowers and wanted you to send somewhere. Make sure that you should write down the receiver's name and address , and telephone number. And make sure that when the flowers need sending and how much money it is. Task-oriented teaching model T: You are given 3ms to prepare it. Then I'll ask someone to come here and act out the dialogue you have made up. (3ms later, I'll ask one pair to act out the dialogue, the others write down the information - receiver's name and telephone number, address and time and the bill) T: I'm sure you have done your work. Which group likes to have a try? Ok, your group. Please come here. The others are to write down their information what they talked about--- the name, telephone number, address, time, the flowers' bill. S: T: well done. Who took the notes down and tell what you heard. XX, please. S: T: well done. Step III( ) listening T: These two people are very lucky they got the person they wanted on the phone. Now there are three unlucky men that they wanted people were away. ...read more.


Please finish it according to the conversation. Ask two students to write down their answer on the blackboard and check the answer. Answers: Time Activity Tomorrow afternoon discuss the picnic Saturday visit a friend Sunday go out for a picnic Step 3 Section A 1c Pair work Give the students a few minutes to practice the conversation and ask two pairs to act it out. Step 4 Section A 1d Work alone Ask the students to find out the following sentences from the conversation in 1a: 1. Would you like to go out for a picnic? 2. Then how about this Sunday? 3. Let's discuss it in our classroom... Tell the students when we make suggestions we can use the sentences and we can also use "Don't forget..." Get the students to read Kangkang's plan and give him suggestions on the picnic. Possible answers: Don't forget your lighter. Don't forget two pails. Don't forget to have a discussion at 4: 30. Don't forget to do shopping at 5:00. Ask a group of students to read their answers one by one. Step 5 Section A 2 ,A 3 Pair work 1. A 2 Pair work Ask the students to number the sentences to make a telephone conversation. Answers: 2,5,6,8,3,4,1,7,9 Check the answers with the students and let the students practice the conversation with their partner. 2. A 3 Pair work Show Tom's schedule and Mary's schedule to the students and say: Suppose you are Tom and your partner is Mary. You want to invite Mary to go swimming with you. Make a telephone call. Step 6 Summary and Homework 1. Review some key words and target language have a picnic, make plans, right away, be free, have to, visit, tell...about, must, first, forget, swim, Saturday, Sunday What's up? Are you free this Saturday? Would you like to go out for a picnic? How about...? Let's.... ...read more.


Step 3 Creating a situation (textual authenticity) Have Ss work together with his\her partner. Take turns asking for and giving advice. Student A Student B You want to buy a CD for your friend's birthday, but you are not sure what to buy. Ask your partner to give some suggestions. Your partner needs your advice. Please help him or her to make a decision. Step 4 Listening Listen to the sample dialogue and make sure what the dialogue is about. Step 5 Practice Practice reading the dialogue, using one of the names of musical instrument mentioned above to replace CD and paying attention to sentences of asking for and giving advice. Step 6 Dialogue Have Ss choose one from the following situations to create their own dialogue. Student A Student B Your partner needs your advice. Please help him or her to decide what to do. You want to find a good song to dance to. You like dancing, but you are not sure what song you should play. Student A Student B Your partner needs your advice. Please help him or her to decide what to do. Your classmates have asked you to pick a special song that will represent your class. It should be a song that everybody likes and that shows the spirit of your class. Ask your partner to help you. Step 7 Demonstration Have several pairs to demonstrate their dialogues. Step 8 Sum-up Have Ss think hard and summarize how to make suggestions and give advice and possible responses.(See Slide) Step 9 Consolidation Work in pairs or groups. Use one or more of the situations below to practise giving and asking for advice. 1. You want to learn to play the piano, but you don't know how. 2. You would like to write a song about your mother, but you are not sure what you should write. 3. You want to learn an English song, but you don't know which one. Homework: 1. Finish off the workbook exercises. 2. Try to memorize names of different kinds of musical instrument. Find as much information about music as possible. ...read more.

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