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University Degree: Teaching

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  1. The area I have chosen to cover for my Early years presentation is circletime. This is an area I have researched in detail and feel is very important for young childrens development

    Circle time is extremely good for children's development and has advantages such as: 'Circle Time provides the ideal group listening system for enhancing children's self esteem, promoting moral values, building a sense of team and developing social skills'. (Mosley, J, 1997, p33) The context in which I have chosen to set my situation and training is a school where circle time is rarely used. The school has a very high rate of bullying and children struggle to form friendships. The recent ofsted report states that PSHE teaching is unsatisfactory and there is little positive interaction between children whilst working in the classroom.

    • Word count: 3026
  2. Reflection on E111 Course. The major achievement of this course is my understanding of the in my role and responsibilities in dealing with children's learning. In TMA 01 I wrote that it is my job to support the childrens learning (TMA01, 2010

    I am now aware that this was the intention of the course and that without questioning and reflection my practice will not improve. The Open University study topics states that, "As a teaching assistant your role of supporting teaching and learning in the classroom may have evolved with time. Alternatively you may have been recruited to the role for that very purpose. Perhaps you lie somewhere in the middle, having joined the body of teaching assistants just as the role was being reviewed and bearing witness to its expansion and development."

    • Word count: 3212
  3. This portfolio will help to illustrate and address how the current influences of play affect the planning and provision of learning opportunities, an explanation of how observations can respond to meet childrens needs, an explanation of the key issues

    "Life must be lived as play". Plato, Greek philosopher, 427-347 BCE http://www.museumofplay.org/about_play/quotes.html E2 - Provide information about current influences on play Early Years Foundation Stage The Early Years Foundation Stage sets standards to enable early years providers (caring for children from birth to five) to reflect the rich and personalised experience that many parents give their children at home. All providers have an important role to play in children's early years experiences - including out of school childcare providers The EYFS is statutory for every provider who cares for children aged five years and under; this includes out of school providers who cater for young children.

    • Word count: 13129
  4. Faigley (1986) proposed that there were three perspectives on writing: the expressive, the cognitive and the social (ibid:527-528). Critically discuss which of these perspectives may have the potential to contribute to the development of novice writers i

    Throughout the text, Faigley will be fundamental toward the analysis and his work 'The Competing Theories of Process: A Critique and a Proposal (1986)' will be drawn upon from time to time. With that, the main body of the piece is arranged as firstly, Janet Emig's acclaimed research design will be examined along with added commentary from Faigley and Humes. Secondly, we summarize the theoretical perspective of Flower & Hayes (1981) 'cognitive model of the composing process' followed by a critique from Giroux.

    • Word count: 3570
  5. Learner-Based Teaching in ELT Class

    Outline I.Introduction ?. The Linguistic Theories A. Views on language B. Views on Language Learning ?. The Current Situation A. Traditional Pedagogy B. Traditional Pedagogy and the Language Use in Real Life 1. Writing in ELT Class 2. Rote Learning without Meaningful Context ?. Learner-Based Teaching in ELT Class A. Views on Learner-Based Teaching B. Advantages of Using Learner-Based Teaching C. Ways of Using Learner-Based Teaching 1. Views on Learner-Based Teaching in Class 2. Teachers' Role in Learner-Based Teaching 3.

    • Word count: 6144
  6. Case study on children behavior

    His parents are divorced so he lives with his mother and his grandfather. Unfortunately, I have been unable to retain information regarding his relationship with his father but his mother is going to remarry and from vocalization with Travis, he seems to have a positive relationship with his mother and his future stepfather. His parents were born in Jamaica and they came to this country before Travis was born. His family places emphasis on his academic career because they themselves have a high school diploma as their highest levels of education. Travis's teacher has informed me about Travis' family and his prior educational experience. His teacher is very supportive of his behavioral responses.

    • Word count: 6796
  7. Event management

    * Swiss Hotel is an international brand hotel with excellent services, sufficient facilities and impression award winning Raffles City Conference team. We have work with them for long time for many events are hold in this hotel. * My Singtours Coach Transport service guarantee on-time pick up and drop off within Singapore with it seat back, relax and enjoy whole journeys. * Restaurants: good service with nice foods and details selection creating deep impression and ever lasting. (See appendix 10.3 for more details)

    • Word count: 7938
  8. Supply chain of amul

    It provides a step by step planning, implementation and review process for managed changed. AMUL fact file:- Type: Cooperative Founded: 1946 Headquarters: Anand (Gujarat), India Key people: Chairman, Gujarat cooperative milk marketing federation Ltd. (GCMMF) Industry: Dairy Milk Production: 100 million ton (2008-09) Revenue: Template: Revenues $1billion USD (In 2008-09) Employees: 2.41 million milk producers Slogan: Taste of India Website: www.amul.com AMUL logo and its importance:- Symbol of Amul (anand milk union ltd.) is ring of four hands, which are coordinated each other. The actual meaning of this symbol is coordination of hands of different people by whom this union is at top.

    • Word count: 3190
  9. Supply chain practices of dell

    It is software based production planning and inventory control system used to manage manufacturing processes. The major objectives of MRP: 1. Ensuring that the materials and products are available for production and delivery to customers. 2. Maintaining the lowest possible level of inventory. 3. Planning manufacturing activities, delivery schedules, and purchase activities. II. Description of a Supply Chain Flowchart In the example given, materials flow downstream through a manufacturing level (tier) transforming the raw materials, which are the components or parts. These are assembled on the next level to form products. The products are shipped to distribution centers, and from there on to retailers and customers.

    • Word count: 3607
  10. Free essay

    This small-scale research was undertaken to assess whether modifying the lesson timetable would have any impact on the learners attendance and achievement or in fact what if anything could improve attendance and achievements.

    Turner (2005:5) said: "Education is part of a wider social fabric of values, families and employment. What happens within education is, in part, dependant on what happens outside education, in homes, communities and workplaces." The college policy states, College expects all students to attend all classes punctually and to not knowingly miss class for anything other than illness or exceptional circumstances. This gives the students the best opportunity to be successful in their studies`. What is an exceptional circumstance surely the learners` thoughts on this vary? I believe that I cannot fix a problem without delving further into to it.

    • Word count: 4558
  11. The purpose of this collaborative study is to compare and contrast teaching methods and to reflect on others practice.

    The decisions were reached by consensus. The criterion that was chosen was as follows: 1, how does the organisational culture affect the process of teaching and learning? 2, what are the preferred teaching methods used and why? 3, what methods of assessment were used and why? 4, what resources were use and were they suitable? 5, how was the pace of the session managed and was it appropriate? ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE: Peer one works in a power and person driven culture.

    • Word count: 3551
  12. Establishing Criteria for Inclusion in Literary Cannon

    He is very quiet and self-aware, but does periodically come out of his shell showing considerable aptitude. Alex's preferred modality of learning is definitely auditory because he is able to process this information very effectively and retain what he has learned for future retrieval. He shows considerable difficulty with tactile modalities, which includes keyboards and certain types of paper textures, although he has learned to adapt by using a pen to turn the pages of a book. Alex also uses visual modality effectively by reading what is written on the white board and processes this information in the same manner he does auditory information.

    • Word count: 4635
  13. Investigating Methods for Increasing the Literacy Rate in Middle School Students

    It is not that students cannot read the words; they simply cannot comprehend what they are reading. In an Alliance for Excellent Education report from 2003 over 3,000 students drop out of high school every school day in America (Fisher and Ivey, "Evaluating the Interventions" 180). Obviously there is a problem with either what we are currently doing in the classroom or the manner in which it is being presented. B. What are we Doing? In most schools explicit instruction of reading skills begins at the elementary level and is gradually phased out throughout the middle school years, with high school students receiving little if any instructional support that builds further reading skills.

    • Word count: 6312

    The main components of ontology are concepts, relations, attributes, instances and axioms. For integration and extraction of meaningful information from accumulated biological databases. We have to define these components; such components can be interpreted as meta-data (domain specific, task specific or generic). The metadata provides a way to reduce both cost of integrating new data sources and the cost of access to integrated data sources. In result integrated data are easier to understand and allows complex queries and the number of site boundaries. This paper is structured as follows: In Introduction, earlier research of biological databases integration approaches used by database warehouse managers and database consultants.

    • Word count: 3563
  15. Free essay

    Curriculum Essay

    Task Outline In order to achieve a successful mock parliament in the classroom five assessment tasks have been devised. They are: multiple choice test, mock parliament role play, group work - writing and performance task, presentation to an selected audience including peer to peer assessment, and a reflective essay. Each of the tasks will be briefly outlined and the justification of why they were chosen will be discussed in detail in the assessment criteria section. Task One- Multiple Choice Test Students will undertake a twenty question multiple-choice test. (See Appendix 1b) After students complete the test individually, answers will be shared as a class.

    • Word count: 3742
  16. This essay will examine the individual learning needs of a child with an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) called Mikail. The essay will explore the continuum of provision within the education system and also the continuum of needs with regards to Mikail

    The Learning Trust (2007) considers all children and young people to be on a continuum of needs. Where there is a continuum of need, a continuum of provision should be made available. A continuum of provision looks at the difference in provision for different learning needs and include mainstream, mainstream with specialist adjustments, co-located provision and advisory, support and outreach services. The continuum of needs was officially recognised within the Warnock Report (1978) which resulted in provision being implemented in the form of The Code of Practice and the Identification and Assessment of Special Educational Need (DfE, 1994).

    • Word count: 3940
  17. Reflective Review of Practice

    personal satisfaction, goal achievement). In the classroom this corresponds to students achieving their target grades. During my teaching practice I have moved away from trying to impart knowledge on students towards assisting individual students fulfil their potential. In order to achieve this I have moved to see students' problems and needs through their eyes and then help overcome these problems. This works to support Rogers (1994), a key philosopher in the humanistic movement who said: - "The outstanding quality of the successful teacher is empathy - the ability to see someone else's problem through ones' own eyes and to communicate that understanding with clarity and care" Whilst at this stage of my development I would not class myself as a 'successful teacher' I believe I am working to develop the skills required to be successful.

    • Word count: 3781
  18. Reflective Report on Inclusive Resource

    Inclusion is focused upon by professionals, authorities and schools as special educational needs; however inclusion is a focus on a wide range of diverse socio economic backgrounds, differing ethnicities, gender imbalances with regards to attainment and also those who are described as "gifted and talented". Hence a more appropriate definition is "Inclusion is about the quality of children's experience; how they are helped to learn, achieve and participate fully in the life of the school." (DfES, Removing Barriers to Achievement (2004)).

    • Word count: 3082
  19. English for business management

    Perhaps he will see the car when he comes tomorrow. 10. Perhaps he will provide what they need when he comes. Language practice 1. Relative pronouns * Relative pronouns do two jobs at once. They are used as the subjects or objects of verbs, like other pronouns; at the same time, they join clauses together, like conjunction. Example: What's the name of the blond girl? She just came in. What's the name of the blond girl who just came in?

    • Word count: 10077
  20. Literacy In After school Program

    The nucleus hypothesis of this project report is a main goal of Afterschool program is to construct aptitude for rich academic content through engage student in challenging learning activities for their own academic enrichment. Afterschool program should not act as an extension of school day but should be able to provide high-interest generating activities that complement school-day learning in variety of ways. Researcher has been also suggested that afterschool program indirectly supports academic achievement in various ways such as it provides platform to enhance non academic literacy and competencies which help students to enhance their academic learning; it also ensure

    • Word count: 6662
  21. PGCE/Cert Ed Yr1 Module TS1303

    Practical Group Work - This allows the learners the opportunity to actively use the skills they have learnt by practical completing the task. This teaching method can help learners gain confidence. Teaching/evaluating other learners - By working in small groups during practical activities learners can offer their support and guidance peer to peer. The range of teaching methods used in this module is wide and varied, each have their own advantages in helping the learner achieve their learning outcome. Listening to the trainer is useful in teaching theoretical topics, the problem occurs when the learners switch off from the trainer

    • Word count: 3692
  22. Cert Ed Year Two Module TS2302

    There were six students out of the normal ten present that day. The observation was half way through the length of the one year course and was a fast track levels two and three in beauty therapy. All the learners were female aged between twenty and forty, however the majority of the group were at the younger end of that range. The session was delivered in a beauty therapy practical room with twelve couches around the edge of the room with a white board and flipchart stand at the front.

    • Word count: 4043
  23. Management - A Business Plan

    Potential customers are located in this area: - Office workers - Citizens My estimate based upon: - Seft-investigate: Visit the target area and nearby regions. Customer population expectation: Increase - The more population grows, the more potential customers we get. Target market's needs: - A comfortable space to relax after hard-working hours and at weekends or holidays. - A wholly new more attractive relax method to try. - An acceptable price for spa services with extra bonus. - Healthcare. Based Information: Survey Result [View Attached Survey Analysis Document] COMPETITORS: 1.

    • Word count: 6497
  24. How does management affect the management of private schools in Abuja,Nigeria?

    wholly self funding with no grant nor loans from the government, for example Tophill school, Raberto school and Divine Mercy school all located in Abuja. The concern of this project is not to establish what might be termed ?good ?or ?bad? leadership styles but an effective one in the sense that it works and produces fruitful results which leads to school improvement this is because Leadership style depends on the situation and no one is entirely perfect and relates directly to the contingency approach which supports that leadership should be flexible (Stogdill 1974, Lawrence and Lorch 1986, D?Souza 1999:29).

    • Word count: 5914

"They who educate children well are more to be honoured than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well."


If you love empowering others and you have an insatiable appetite for learning, then a university degree in education or teaching could be your best next step. The Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree focuses on educational techniques, while a BA or BSc degree paired with qualified teacher status (QTS) training will put emphasis on the subject that youd like to teach.

Writing will be important in this field, both for your degree and for your career afterwards. Simply put: if you go on to teach, you will probably be required to mark essays. Study Marked by Teachers' collection of worked examples, and not only will you improve your own writing, you'll learn what teachers and professors should look for in a good essay.

Both of these degree routes will prepare students to embark upon careers within education and teaching, but some graduates may opt to pursue careers related to their specialised subject instead, or depart to enter jobs in areas like consulting, management, and HR.


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  • Review and Evaluate your Recent Interaction with a Learner/Group of Learners with Reference to Theories of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

    "I am also aware that assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning. On reflecting on this lesson, I feel to progress in my teaching and to enhance the learning to take place I need to be asking more questions, continuously through the lesson (formative assessment). Since this lesson, I write notes on the learners work in forms of praise, I find this encourages them. I have since taken note of my learner's reactions and have noticed they are quite proud when reading positive comments. I do this even when noticing a slight improvement in their work. "Even if his or her work has not, as a whole, met the required criteria, it will be possible to identify relevant strengths. It is important for learners' motivation that they should be made aware of their strengths and successes, even if there only relative." Wallace (2007, PG 177) I feel that every lesson I gain more knowledge on how to become a good teacher. I realise that I am only at the beginning and I am only scratching the surface and still have a lot to learn. However, if I continue to reflect on my lessons and adjust them to suit my learners, I believe this will help me improve and enable me to be an effective teacher."

  • "Bad grades equals bad parents". Discuss this statement with reference to your own personal experience.

    "In my opinion, parents might have an effect on the grades of their children only in the very early stages of life. However, since examinations are done by the children and not by the parents their role is minimal. Later, especially from the secondary school onwards it depends upon the students themselves whether they want to study or not. Renzo Cordina Commerce 1a"

  • 1: Will give a brief introduction to Emotional and Behavioral Disorders.Section 2: Will highlight the common characteristics of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders.Section 3: Will discuss ways how to deal with

    "Conclusion In general, one can say that emotional and behavioral problems need to be taken very seriously. As prospective teachers we need to be familiar with the above characteristics since it is very likely that we will be teaching students with emotional and behavioral problems. Most importantly, we need to make sure that we focus on the students' educational needs rather than on correcting inappropriate behavior. As teachers we must remember that our first concern is the students' educational growth. Researching this topic has helped me to become familiar with the characteristics of EBD. Presently, I am working as a supply teacher and one of my students has behavioral problems. Consequently, I hope that by applying what I have learned during this assignment will help me to better accommodate this particular student's needs."

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