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University Degree: Teaching

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  1. Free essay

    Becoming an effective early childhood teacher

    Teachers also help children understand themselves thereby promoting high self-esteem. An effective teacher is someone who can do all this and more. Building relationships with your students is a necessity for effective learning. A child needs a role model, someone that shows they care. "The single most effective factor in helping young people feel more mature, confident, informed and respectful of cultures, social and sexual difference is the quality of the relationship they have with their teacher" (Blake, Bird, & Gerlach, 2007). Trust is fundamental especially in the early years.

    • Word count: 1361
  2. Multiple Intelligences and other theorists

    Many theorists have their own methods of identifying intelligence some of the most proficient and influential are discussed below. From a teaching perspective understanding intelligence is essential for the development of students. Knowing who needs improvement and who needs to be further challenged can increase rate of success with-in their studies (Krause, et al. 2010 p. 320). Due to the fact that concepts on intelligence are so vast psychologists are often in disagreement. The main theorists discussed below were the first to try to measure and create broader understandings of intelligence.

    • Word count: 1896
  3. Article analysis

    But after I looked some things up, I finally understood what was said. I do like the article because it shows how important the position as the president of the European Parliament is. You can read the opinion from the French president Nicolas Sarkozy and from the former Belgian prime minister Guy Verhofstadt. This shows the election for the next president is a big topic in all European countries. One thing that I think is quite good about the article is that it shows both sites, the site for the re-election of Mr.

    • Word count: 1652
  4. Protection of children and families

    is to make such an order * The 'no delay' principle, where children are involved in cases before the court, the court must set a timetable and ensure that the case is heard as quickly as possible * The principles of corporate responsibility and partnership The secondary legislation is the United Nations Convention on the rights of the Child 1989, enabling that children have rights and there is legislation to protect their rights. The League of Nations drafted the first Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1924.

    • Word count: 1433
  5. Child Abuse

    * Increased isolation from friends and family * Fearful or agitated behaviour * Lower self-esteem and self-confidence * Addiction to alcohol or drugs * Escapist behaviour Sexual abuse: "Sexual abuse is when a child or young person is pressurised, forced or tricked into taking part in any kind of sexual activity with an adult or young person." Sexual abuse consists of: * Kissing * Touching the young person's genitals/breasts * Intercourse * Oral sex The indicators of sexual abuse include: * Oral cavity * Oral gonorrhoea * Period gonorrhoea * Syphilis * Bite marks * Bruises * Scratching * Scarring

    • Word count: 1882
  6. Positive Relationships with children

    So pointing or waving etc... This helps us communicate with children by communicating particular messages. (thumbs up - really good or thumbs down - not so good). Eye contact Eye contact is direct visual contact with another person's eyes, which can then signal a range of different feelings. This helps us communicate with children because it can show the child that we are listening to what they are saying if we make direct eye contact with them. Proximity Proximity is basically the distance between people when they are talking. So being very close or very far away.

    • Word count: 1516
  7. Faigley (1986) proposed that there were three perspectives on writing: the expressive, the cognitive and the social (ibid:527-528). Critically discuss which of these perspectives may have the potential to contribute to the development of novice writers i

    Throughout the text, Faigley will be fundamental toward the analysis and his work 'The Competing Theories of Process: A Critique and a Proposal (1986)' will be drawn upon from time to time. With that, the main body of the piece is arranged as firstly, Janet Emig's acclaimed research design will be examined along with added commentary from Faigley and Humes. Secondly, we summarize the theoretical perspective of Flower & Hayes (1981) 'cognitive model of the composing process' followed by a critique from Giroux.

    • Word count: 3570
  8. Thailand tourism

    How likely are you to do the activity portrayed in the advertisement? For the interviewees who are youth, they are more likely to do the activities, because of the youth are energetic, they would like to do the activities like water sport, boxing. For the interviewees who are at the middle age, they are trend to do some less active and energetic, like trying the cuisine and doing the massage. 5. If you do intend to do the activity, which destination would you most likely go to in order to do the activity?

    • Word count: 2503
  9. Persuasion and influencing consumers attitude

    In the video, people choose all friendly face eggs and remain all the unfriendly one, this action can show that nowadays, there are a lot of choices for consumers and tourists, they can choose what they prefer. Everyone would like to choose the one with good service quality such as nice, amicable, hospitable and with a smile. On the other hand, no one would choose the one with bad service quality such as rude, impolite, coldness and prejudice, etc. Finally, those unfriendly face eggs (bad service quality)

    • Word count: 997
  10. Comprehensive Sex Education Benefits Teens. With AIDS, STDs, and teen pregnancy on the rise in the United States, the need for an informative program in high school pertaining to these unwanted yet preventable matters is increasing (Preidt); with these m

    According to the National Youth Risk Behavior Survey, in 2007, 48.7% of high school students had engaged in sex (qtd. in Parker-Pope). In a survey done by People magazine, sexually active teens were asked, "how old were you when you first had sexual intercourse?" and the results found, "Among sexually active teens, 95 percent said they had sex before they turned 17. The average age for the first experience: 14 1/2." (Gleick and Reed). With almost half of high school teens being sexually active and the age of their first experience being fairly young I feel that many would agree

    • Word count: 1535
  11. Learner-Based Teaching in ELT Class

    Outline I.Introduction ?. The Linguistic Theories A. Views on language B. Views on Language Learning ?. The Current Situation A. Traditional Pedagogy B. Traditional Pedagogy and the Language Use in Real Life 1. Writing in ELT Class 2. Rote Learning without Meaningful Context ?. Learner-Based Teaching in ELT Class A. Views on Learner-Based Teaching B. Advantages of Using Learner-Based Teaching C. Ways of Using Learner-Based Teaching 1. Views on Learner-Based Teaching in Class 2. Teachers' Role in Learner-Based Teaching 3.

    • Word count: 6144
  12. Group teaching at Key stage 2 National curriculum was performed over a four week period consisting of two hours per week of teaching and observation. Over the four weeks we covered; Agility Balance Co-ordination The fourth week involved inc

    Were the lessons National Curriculum appropriate? All lesson plans were devised considering the national curriculum. The basis for deciding what to include in lessons were based on whether the activity would enable individual and group participation, whether individuals would have the opportunity to experience leadership, develop confidence, build on existing skills and have the chance to make their own decisions on correcting and improving physical performance. The work placement allowed me to gain experience and learn skills in class-management and communication.

    • Word count: 2733
  13. Case study on children behavior

    His parents are divorced so he lives with his mother and his grandfather. Unfortunately, I have been unable to retain information regarding his relationship with his father but his mother is going to remarry and from vocalization with Travis, he seems to have a positive relationship with his mother and his future stepfather. His parents were born in Jamaica and they came to this country before Travis was born. His family places emphasis on his academic career because they themselves have a high school diploma as their highest levels of education. Travis's teacher has informed me about Travis' family and his prior educational experience. His teacher is very supportive of his behavioral responses.

    • Word count: 6796
  14. American flag

    They could compare it to the burning of crosses in front of a church or to the way the Nazis turned a very beautiful symbol into a racial and religious hate badge for murderers. Disrespect for tradition is what it boils down to. From a young age we are conditioned to blindly respect that flag hanging from a pole and to pledge out allegiance to it without even knowing what it truly is. It has been tradition for at least three generations.

    • Word count: 972
  15. Writer's Notebook

    Dante would have put him in circle 7, which was about violent people. In Dante's Inferno, the circle 7 has three rings/categories-violence against Neighbors, violence against Self, and violence against God. Hussein definitely fits in the two of the three rings. The first ring which is violence against neighbors includes murderers and robbers. Hussein, without a doubt, fits in here very well. Hussein suits this circle because he was a killer of mass proportions, or as Dante would've called him a 'satan himself in disguise.'

    • Word count: 552

    Children who had read the book, they just would think that the plot of the story is about a girl named Alice who falls down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world; She has an amazing dream about changing size and meeting various strange creatures underground in Wonderland; she is curious, with a wide imagination, etc. However, with a more in-depth search, the adult can find that Lewis Carroll may have indeed parallel the journey form Alice childhood to adulthood.

    • Word count: 1955

    First of all, to understand why it is believed that English is so important, we have to know the social context it envolves. After Mandarin, English is spoken by more people than any other language. It is spoken throughout the world. Moreover, we live in a society governed by the worldwide phenomenon known as "globalization". Because of that, English has become the international language of diplomacy, business, science, technology, medicine, computing, tourism, etc. Then, if English is so important in our society, it should also be really important at schools.

    • Word count: 760
  18. Lord of the Flies

    The first chapter starts to present the idea that Jack will take over when Jack and Ralph's election got heated because both of them are natural born leaders. Through the second chapter Jacks leadership is displayed when he takes control and steals Piggy's glasses to construct a signal fire, giving the reader a foreshadow that Jack will take over as leader. In the third chapter Jack and Ralph have a disagreement on how to lead the group, making Jack's urge to take over increase.

    • Word count: 1160
  19. Growth in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

    Edmund is the second youngest of all the children and is as mean and spiteful as a young boy can be at the beginning of the novel. The transformation of Edmund going from a self-centered traitor to being brave and honest is important because his destruction of the White Witches wand was key to her demise '"It was all Edmunds doing, Aslan" Peter was saying. "We'd been beaten if it hadn't been for him" '(178). The seduction by the White Witches magical box of Turkish delight and promises of being a prince blind Edmund into being a traitor to his

    • Word count: 1355
  20. Character of Achilles in iliad

    We might compare Achilles with Antigone or Socrates, who, in their readiness to die in pursuit of their goals, are very much in his mold. Achilles, the greatest of the Achaeans, towers above all the other characters of the Iliad (see King 1987.2-3). He is the handsomest, swiftest, and strongest; his beautiful and powerful youth (only Diomedes and Antilochus are so young) is like that of the gods. But, though the son of the goddess Thetis, he is not himself a god; he is a mortal who can be fatally wounded.

    • Word count: 1406
  21. Event management

    * Swiss Hotel is an international brand hotel with excellent services, sufficient facilities and impression award winning Raffles City Conference team. We have work with them for long time for many events are hold in this hotel. * My Singtours Coach Transport service guarantee on-time pick up and drop off within Singapore with it seat back, relax and enjoy whole journeys. * Restaurants: good service with nice foods and details selection creating deep impression and ever lasting. (See appendix 10.3 for more details)

    • Word count: 7938
  22. The aim of this assignment is to provide a rational for a scheme of work which I have prepared in order for a group of new fire fighter recruits to gain the basic core skills to be able to work safely and effectively as a crew member.

    Within the fire service the learners are selected prior to the course commencing this allows the teaching strategy to be pre planned which aids the smooth running of the course where planning and organisation of the course can take place. The teaching strategy is focused more towards the cognitive domain where within the lesson plans the learner would be required to take part in lectures, demonstrations and simulations where debate and discussions would be welcomed from the teacher. (see Lesson Plan Week 5 & 10)

    • Word count: 2699
  23. This report evaluates the differences and similarities between EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) and KS1 (Key Stage One). It analyses the need to support children through the transition from one stage to another. The main source used is the government

    It incorporates three influential government agendas: 'Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage (2000)', the 'Birth to Three Matters (2002)' and the 'National Standards for Under 8s Daycare and Childminding (2003)'. The EYFS is based around four themes and accompanying principles: (1) 'A Unique Child' - every child has the capacity to be a confident learner; (2) 'Positive Relationships' - children gain strength from 'loving and secure' relationships; (3)'Enabling Environments' - a supportive environment increases the possibility to develop; (4)'Learning and Development' - children all learn in different ways and all areas of the EYFS curriculum are interconnected. The main purpose of EYFS is for the child to be 'equipped' with founding skills and abilities to enter Key Stage 1 (Primary Education Year 1)

    • Word count: 2818
  24. Supply chain of amul

    It provides a step by step planning, implementation and review process for managed changed. AMUL fact file:- Type: Cooperative Founded: 1946 Headquarters: Anand (Gujarat), India Key people: Chairman, Gujarat cooperative milk marketing federation Ltd. (GCMMF) Industry: Dairy Milk Production: 100 million ton (2008-09) Revenue: Template: Revenues $1billion USD (In 2008-09) Employees: 2.41 million milk producers Slogan: Taste of India Website: www.amul.com AMUL logo and its importance:- Symbol of Amul (anand milk union ltd.) is ring of four hands, which are coordinated each other. The actual meaning of this symbol is coordination of hands of different people by whom this union is at top.

    • Word count: 3190
  25. Supply chain practices of dell

    It is software based production planning and inventory control system used to manage manufacturing processes. The major objectives of MRP: 1. Ensuring that the materials and products are available for production and delivery to customers. 2. Maintaining the lowest possible level of inventory. 3. Planning manufacturing activities, delivery schedules, and purchase activities. II. Description of a Supply Chain Flowchart In the example given, materials flow downstream through a manufacturing level (tier) transforming the raw materials, which are the components or parts. These are assembled on the next level to form products. The products are shipped to distribution centers, and from there on to retailers and customers.

    • Word count: 3607

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