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Thailand tourism

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Introduction The Thailand tourism promotional video was chosen for the study (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAFU48W_4iw). In the video, we can find there are many different kinds of activities. The promotional video is trying to show the energetic side of the destination to attract the tourists. Besides, we interviewed 50 interviewees by showing them the promotional video and then asking them the questions based on the motivation theories in order to do the analysis and know their needs and the factors that drive them to select a particular place as their tourism destination. In order to analyze and evaluate the advertisement's effectiveness, the interviews have been done and there is summary of all comments from the interviews. 1. What are the people in the advertisement doing? People in the advertisement are playing the water sport, diving and boxing, joining carnival with friends, try the cuisine, and also do the massage. 2. Why are they doing that? The main reasons is to escape from the normal life, pressure and stress, to try something new and looking for the excitement are also the reasons for why they are doing the activities like water sport and boxing, besides, some of them would like to do the activities with friends, hence, to have the social interaction would also be the reason. 3. What do they want to do or accomplish? They want the relaxation, joy and pleasure. They want to experience something new, and also to maintain the relationship with friends and family. ...read more.


There are five world heritage sites in Thailand now, it is pity that all of them didn't show up in the video. If these heritage sites are showed by the video, it could enhance the needs of achievement for people to visit Thailand. > Safety needs Nowadays, people concern safety more when go to travel. If this video shows up some full-facilities hotels, friendly residents, and well developed societies in Thailand, it could be better to reveal that the destination is safe and secure for people to travel, and then fulfill the needs of safety to people. Gender Age Occupation 1. Male 24years old Hotelier 2. Female 21years old Student 3. Female 33years old Clerk 4. Male 47years old Business man 5. Male 40years old Hotelier 6. Female 22years old Student 7. Female 44years old Housewife 8. Male 23years old Student 9. Female 40years old Security Officer 10. Male 18years old Student 11. Female 25years old Clerk 12. Female 24 years old Officer 13. Male 55 years old Taxi driver 14. Female 50 years old Housewife 15. Female 29 years old nurse 16. Female 24 years old clerk 17. Male 25 years old Teacher 18. Female 25 years old Social worker 19. Female 48 years old Housewife 20. Female 21 years old Student * What are the people in the advertisement doing? 1. Enjoying the life and holiday. 2. Diving and boxing. ...read more.


8. Massage, water sports and diving I would prefer to go to Thailand. 9. The fresh cuisine I would prefer to go to Japan. 10. Diving and water sports I would prefer to go to Sabah. 11. Thailand and Malaysia, because these two place are very famous on those activities. 12. Thailand for water-sport activates and eating as well, Australia for diving, the reason why I choose the destination is based on the destination brand. 13. Thailand or Mainland China, because I heard from my friends that they travelled to these two places for doing those activities. 14. For eating and massage, I prefer to go to Japan. For water-sport activities, I prefer to go to Thailand or Malaysia. 15. Thailand and Malaysia, because these two place are famous for sun-shine and beaches. 16. I prefer to travel to Thailand or Malaysia in order to do those activities, because these two places are famous for those activities as well as these two places are located nearby Macau. 17. I may go to Malaysia to do those activities, because Sabah is a destination famous for water-sport activities as well as sea-food cuisine. 18. I may visit to Australia to do those activities, because a lot of professional facilities for water-sport are being provided in Australia. 19. I may travel to Thailand to enjoy the fresh sea-food, because there is rich resource for sea-food in Thailand. 20. I may travel to Thailand and Malaysia to do those activates, because these two destinations are famous for those kinds of activities. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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