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The Alternative Guide To Chigwell School.

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Location Chigwell School is located on Seventy acres of greenbelt land. It is quite close to London and all its main transport. It is under 1 hour from London's airports and within 1 hour from London's main railway terminals. It is also just a short walk from the underground. For those who will be driven to school it is a less than fifteen minute drive from the M25 and M11 motorways and 11 miles from north east of London. Chigwell parade of shops Some Subjects in Detail * ICT The school has recently updated the IT system to the new Imac computers and is developing the electronic communications at all levels, especially between home and school. Many classrooms will soon be equipped with digital projectors, enabling a whole class to witness the web resources and view worksheets prepared by their teacher. During their time at the school pupils will be using IT in all lessons to enhance and extend their learning, whilst also gaining confidence and the capability to use computers. In the removes the subject is available and in the 5th form the IT facilities are on offer only at break times and after school. * D&t There is a large multi-material workshop that provides a wide range of machines, tools and equipment for working in wood, metal and plastic. ...read more.


They arrange competitions and events with the help of prefects. Tutors are the teachers who supervise tutor periods. They do homework diary checks give out notices and also sort any problems that arise. Breakfast Between 7.30 and 8 am breakfast is available. Each item costs 30p and toast costs 15p a slice. There is usually egg, boiled or fried, bacon, sausage, beans, cereal and potato of some sort on offer. Breakfast is enjoyable and worth a try. Lunch If it looks nasty it probably is. However it usually looks and tastes OK. Chips are a highlight almost every Friday other favoured foods are potato dice, hotdogs and other simple looking foods. Bread is fresh and sometimes hot and desserts are mostly nice, stay clear of custard unless you like lumps. On the whole Chigwell school dinners are good. A vegetarian dish is always available. For removes lunch break starts at 12.40 and they can go and eat at 1.00. 5th forms break starts at 1.20 and they can eat at 1.30. Boarding Boarders can take advantage of the school grounds and facilities and take part in a wide range of clubs. Chigwell offers a wide range of boarding options: * Full boarding is the option usually chosen by students from overseas and sometimes the UK. ...read more.


Clubs Chigwell has a large number of clubs which are outside the classroom. All pupils are made to take part in at least two clubs the activities available. The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is followed through to Gold Award level and is pretty popular. Homework Homework is set regularly to all pupils especially in the 5th form. The amount of homework received depends on the pupil's age. In other words the removes have the least, enjoy it while you can. If you do not do your homework you are likely get a detention. Homework should always be completed unless there is a good reason given with a signed note from a parent. Weekday Mornings Monday School assembly in new hall Tuesday Morning Service in St Mary's Wednesday Remove and 5th form have chapel Thursday Remove and 5th form have tutor meetings Friday Week A: House presentation or tutor meetings Week B: Congregational practice in new hall The school day starts at 8.25 am and ends at 4 pm All the teachers are friendly, some more than others, and very helpful. I myself get on with all the teachers around the school. Some teachers can be strict, it's only because they care. Contact Numbers School office (main number) 02085015700 Day Houses (senior school) Caswalls' 02085015751 Lambourne 02085015752 Penn's 02085015753 Swallows 02085015754 Grange court 02095015760 Hainault house 02085008367 ...read more.

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