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The sun baked English classroom, gleaming like a gem, was full of unwilling students.

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English Coursework Essay- Original Writing The sun baked English classroom, gleaming like a gem, was full of unwilling students. The room had taken up its position as a sauna for the day, to the dissatisfaction of the students within as they were feeling rather stuffy. The atmosphere was hot and humid, the walls were steaming and the plants were crying for water. The students were now beginning to get fed up and bewildered as the students were waiting for the teacher. [The teacher enters the room; an observation can be made of the students' hearts dropping. However the teacher, this mountain of knowledge, is upbeat]. ...read more.


From one of the picturesque displays a future can be told. Our next few years are harshly explained by unbiased posters. The school code is located in prime position as a deterrent to any rule breaker. The clock ticks, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock as a force strong enough to rule the world wishes time to get a move on, the room is quite as the teacher has set an intoxicating task. The plants all hoping to grow feel the sudden change of wind and instantly go back to their day-to-day jobs of watching themselves grow. The chairs, each one making their own special melody, are positioned to exam mode. ...read more.


They are awaiting the all knowing teacher who installs knowledge into them all. Some Christmas cards are now present, the students obviously have faith. On the teachers table there is heaps of work to complete. Perhaps by just clicking a fingers or saying, abra cadabra. Children who find carrying their English folder a chore have left the conveniently on the side. The everlasting source of paper has been allocated next to the door for expediency. This room has seen many battles in the past and we all hope there will be many more to come. The timed essay is now over for the students and the pressure of this period 5 lesson is now over. Many students may feel aggrieved at the amount of effort that has gone into the lesson may not pay off. By Dipak Vyas 11TW ...read more.

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