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Throughout this essay, the aim is to explore the term what is Informal Education and compare it with Formal Education. There are different views regarding the definition of Informal Education.

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What is Informal Education? Throughout this essay, the aim is to explore the term what is Informal Education and compare it with Formal Education. There are different views regarding the definition of Informal Education. For the purpose of this essay, the intention is to use the definition that Informal Education is a process, a way of helping others to learn and offers empowerment, empowerment meaning to give somebody a greater sense of confidence or self-esteem, the freedom to the young person. So what is Informal Education?, it is used to describe a variety of settings and activities and takes place in a variety of settings; this could be in a youth club, a park or even a cafe. In 1960 the Albermarle Report used it to describe youth work provision as: 'The continued social and informal education of young people in terms most likely to bring them to maturity' (Smith 1988: 124). Informal Educators listen to young people and encourage them to engage in conversation and activities, to make possible their learning with social and political views. ...read more.


These kind of activities offered are relative to their education as when young carers are occupied in this kind of situation, they may open up to the people around them, thus encouraging a situation where they feel confident talking about problems or asking for specific help. These activities therefore offer academic learning in an informal way as young carers may miss experiences and opportunities that other children have due to the commitment they have to give as a carer. Young carers very often miss school due to being too tired or feeling that they cannot leave the person they are caring for, other reasons could also come down to them being bullied at school because of their home situation. By comparison, in a formal environment a student would do Physical Education in a structured environment and attend in Geography lessons where they will be taught the art of navigation around map skills. A structured environment is one where a teacher organises the classroom how they seem fit and delivers a lesson through a pre-set syllabus which has a controlled environment combined with a controlled interaction between teacher and student. ...read more.


at home, even going around the supermarket and pointing out different fruit types will help a child to learn: another way of teaching in an informal setting. In attempting to define Informal Education, the belief is that there is still a shared concern for both informal and formal in terms of learning. Both have the desire to help people to grow. After researching, it seems that informal educators take on the role of formal educators as they still have to teach in informal situations and vice-versa, having said that informal education reaches a different audience in particular circumstances. For example, some topics may be very sensitive and personal to the person involved, and therefore ideally this should not be used in a formal setting, as achievements and goals would perhaps not be met. 'Informal educators attend to the vast range of opportunities that arise in everyday settings for learning, look to relationships and processes - and how these can be made more fulfilling'. (Smith M K 2005) 'Sometimes success in an informal setting can lead to a greater confidence in the classroom of a formal setting therefore complimenting each other'. (Enhancing Education 2002). ...read more.

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