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Traditional and Holistic Classroom Management A traditional classroom management that is used in the classroom would cause interruptions among the other students. When two students are talking back and forth

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Kaitlin Reilly March 6, 2006 Methods and Issues in Elementary Education Spring 2006 Test Part 1. A. Traditional and Holistic Classroom Management A traditional classroom management that is used in the classroom would cause interruptions among the other students. When two students are talking back and forth in the back of the class, a teacher would stop what she is doing and discipline the both of them. This would then probably cause other students to talk and then the whole classroom would be rowdy. A new teacher would typically use this type of classroom management. A holistic classroom management would be a better technique to use in the classroom and would cause fewer interruptions among the other students. For instance, when a child is tapping his or her pencil on the desk, one could walk over and slightly touch the desk once you pass the child. A teacher who is comfortable in the classroom would most likely use this type of management. These types of methods would basically influence the classroom discipline that I hold in my classroom. You are never going to have a well behaved class. But the students will know how far they can go before you get annoyed. ...read more.


1. Feeling tone - verbal/nonverbal message - body language - smile or no smile 2. Level of concern- raise it or lower it - the importance of coming to class or not 3. Interesting - material that will get attention 4. Knowledge of results- keep students motivated 5. Structuring for success- giving the students the tools for success Part 2. A. Instructional Objective An instructional objective is a strategy that points out the learning and describes how the student's behavior verify's the learning that is involved. A good example of an instructional objective would be: The learner will be able to understand that direct objects follow action verbs in ten sentences. In this objective, there are three components. There is a specific learning which is that direct objects follow action verbs. The second component is the behavior that can be observed to see that the learner understands the content. The third part of the instructional objective is the information which sets limits. IN this sentence the limit is to learn the task in ten sentences. The importance of the instructional objective is to assist the teacher with selecting an objective at the correct level of difficulty and complexity of the students so one understands the lesson. ...read more.


Think about how you could explain them to another person. Now, taking turns, tell one way to your partner and your partner explain the other way to you. This example is used at the end of the lesson to emphasize what was just learned and to see if the students understand the lesson that was just taught. This strategy is more for the students to talk. The teacher shouldn't wrap up the lesson by talking and explaining what was just taught. This gives the students a sense of involvement. E. Teaching to the objective Teaching to an objective refers to those teacher actions which led the student directly to the intended outcome. There are four teacher actions which, if kept congruent to the objective, will ensure that the objective is taught. Provide information organizes information and conduct explanations to assist the selected learning. Ask questions which will draw out info that will match the learning and indicate whether the info is being received. Respond to the efforts of learners which provide feedback to the student that indicates progress with respect to the new learning. Design Activities which plans activities to involve the student in the learning and the opportunity to practice the skill. P- Vermont is not on the Atlantic coast A- What borders New Hampshire on the East Coast? R- "That's right; Rhode Island is the smallest state!" D- List the New England states in alphabetical order. ...read more.

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