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Unit Lesson Plan

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Final Project Unit lesson plan By Gamal Kalini March ,2009 Introduction of the unit preface Despite the affluence of knowledge, the accessibility of modern technology as well as the incessant development of learning and teaching theories, it has become more intricate to claim the best method of teaching and designing a lesson plan. What could be best today may be declined tomorrow. With my respect to all efforts and theories in education, I do believe as long as instruction successfully engages learners in meaningful task that reflects value and attains curricular big idea and open the door for the essential questions is the winning teaching theory and best lesson plan ever. In my class, I feel that communicative approach is the echo of an effective choice of teaching .For the content is the real world and the necessity and need are the tools for the learner to be on task. Richards and Rodgers (2001) (Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching)note that "as long as instruction engages learners in meaningful communication and enables them to attain the curricular objectives, the range of models and teaching materials compatible with integrated language teaching is unlimited". ...read more.


Material: images of rooms, pictures of classroom and houses. 7) Target vocabulary: furniture, color, size, shapes, model. 8) Accessing prior knowledge: teacher will get students engaged by asking them about their own homes, classrooms and churches. 9) A description of the activity: teacher will provide each student with a group of furniture images and ask him to design his dream house and present it to the class 10) Examples of questions: can you describe your home? Can you describe your classroom? Can you describe your favorite restaurant? 11) Worksheet: each student will be provided with a picture of several furniture items and will be using it during the activity. 12) Source of idea: DLI Lesson # 3 Your city 1) Name of the lesson: Your city 2) Objective: students will be able to describe their own cities, hometowns, streets. 3) ELD: EI - use simple sentences to create a draft of a short essay that follows an outline Prepare and deliver short oral presentation. 4) Time: 50 minutes 5) Assessment: construct consistent standard English Grammatical forms and sounds 6) Material: images of famous cities, pictures of students hometowns. ...read more.


Students are allowed to see only the previous line. At the end, each group will read their story to the class. 10) Examples of questions: what did you do last weekend? Where did you go last weekend? 11) Worksheet: composing a story 12)Source of idea: activity provided by class # 609 -group discussion Lesson # 8 Your summer vacation 1) Name of the lesson: Your summer vacation. 2)Objective: students will be able to talk about their summer vacation activities. 3) ELD: EI - begin to be understood when speaking, but may have some inconsistent use of Standard English grammatical forms and sounds. 4) Time: 50 minutes 5) Assessment: Write simple words commonly used in classroom and construct sentences using new vocabulary about summer vacation 6) Material: family pictures from the last summer vacation. 7) Target vocabulary: visited, travelled, enjoyed, hot, ocean, swimming pool. 8) Accessing prior knowledge: teacher will show pictures of his family vacation. 9) A description of the activity: seminar activity leads by students. Class will be sitting in one circle, each student will be given 10 minutes to talk about his family vacation while providing pictures from this vacation to other students. Students may ask student questions about the activities and the best moments in this vacation. ...read more.

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