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We discovered that ICT affects learning in several ways that can include raising the level of student engagement in a classroom, motivating students and promoting enthusiasm for learning.

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Subject Specialist Study Task 1 (500) I decided to work with Yinka, and Steve to research the benefits of using emerging technologies in the classroom. Yinka is currently studying for his PTLLS, and Steve has applied to do his PGCE this year, both currently teaching at BEP. I facilitated the meetings and we discussed the different types of interactive teaching and learning technologies. The discussion that bloomed during our first meeting is that there are endless resources available for us to use, all of which have their pros and cons. We all choose a technology to research, I choose to do primary research on the use of interactive white boards in the classroom, Steve planned to create a questionnaire about learning online which he would give to his current learners, and Yinka researched moodle as he was using this whilst studying his PTLLS. I informed my colleagues that they had two weeks to research and we would bring our findings together at the next meeting. During the two week research period I kept reminding my colleagues to research and prepare their information for when we came together and shared our information. I feel that my colleague's made a valuable contribution to my research considering their time restraints as teachers. ...read more.


With the use of interactive whiteboards, teachers can develop many creative ways to capture students' attention and imagination with engaging lessons, in turn raising the retention of students. "In addition to the observed positive impacts on student learning, research shows that designing lessons around interactive whiteboards helps educators streamline their preparation, be more efficient in their Information and Communication Technology integration and increase their productivity overall. Students can review course content at their own pace with interactive learning, says Trinite Learning".( http://www.ehow.com/list_6468331_benefits-interactive-learning_.html) Interactive whiteboards allow teachers to record instructions as digital video files and post the material for review by students at a later date. This can be a very effective instructional strategy for students who benefit from repetition, who need to see the material presented again, for students who are absent from school, for struggling learners, and for review for examinations. Bush et al. (2004) found "the boards made teaching more visual and learning more interactive, in turn encouraging greater participation from the pupils, improving their motivation and concentration," As a teacher working with young people with a various special educational needs I am continuously aiming to develop strategies and tools that will engage students with unique or diverse learning needs. ...read more.


Therefore teaching is a challenging task but also rewarding when you see pupils achieving. "I got it, Miss!" Is probably one of the best things said to make a teacher proud of the work she has done. Nevertheless there are regulations to teaching, to what and how to teach. These may be set by the school through policies, code of conduct and ethos, and last but not least the National Curriculum, which regulates the lesson framework. There is enough room for the individual teacher and each student who both can make an impact and have their say to what extend and how learning and teaching is happening through the use of technology. This leads me to the conclusion that while preparing a lesson I as a teacher have to take into consideration that I have a multitude characters who themselves have a multitude of abilities to learn. This means that when preparing I have to make sure to address as many persons, skills and learning styles as possible and I feel that through the research I have done using technology for learning is the way forward. It allows for differentiation which in my eyes is the key factor for lesson planning bearing in mind that a great amount of fun needs to be included in order to catch pupils attention, to challenge them in an enjoyable way and make lesson topics relevant to their here and now. ...read more.

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