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What contributes to an effective learning environment for either a one year old, a three year old or a five year old child

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Individual Essay Action Plan Component 1: 20 % Individual action plan for the essay This will assess intended learning outcomes: C1, C2, C4, C5 Essay title: What contributes to an effective learning environment for either a one year old, a three year old or a five year old child? Make reference to one of the pioneers or one of the approaches studied in this module. You are expected to use references to the Early Years Foundation Stage document and reference to your attachment in early years setting to demonstrate knowledge and understanding. Essay Action Plan After looking at the key words in the essay title there are four key words which have been identified. It is important to ensure, that there is a full understanding of the key words so that the learner is able to use the terms effectively with the correct knowledge and understanding of the meanings. * First term which had been used is Contributes. The input and effort that is used to ensure that children are able to develop in the environment that they are placed in. To ensure that they are able to achieve to their highest potential with help and support from the practitioner. ...read more.


* The pioneer which has been chosen is Robert Owen, a social reformer it can be strongly argued that Owen's contribution to the education has reformed the way that child are taught in today's society. Owen believed that the early childhood experiences were important in the way they develop as individuals. 2) Identify at least 6 texts/references that are relevant to support your essay. Cockerill, H and Sharama, A. (eds) 2008: From birth to five: Routedge. Butt, J (eds) 1971: Robert Owen prince of cotton spinners: New Abbott: David and Charles. Anning, A, Cullen, J and Fleer, M (eds) 2005: Early child hood education, society and culture: London sage Department for Education and Skills (DFES) (2006) Early Years Foundation Stage, London: DFES www.everychildmatters.gov.uk assessed 05/11/08 Argent, K. (2008) Unpublished lecture notes Introduction Provide a clear outline of what will be included in the introduction to this essay. * The introduction will include what contributes to an effective learning environment for a one year old child. * There will be an introduction about Robert Owen and what he has contributed to the early years and how his input into early years has influenced today's society. ...read more.


Conclusion Provide a brief outline of what will be included in the conclusion * The conclusion will included a summary of the essay about what contributes to an effective learning environment for a one year old, if they are given the appropriate recourses to ensure that individual developmental needs are met. * Also recommendations, ways which learning could be improved within the learning environment. Presentation Write a brief reflective comment on the following points to inform personal development. * Spelling - is ok could be improved slightly, could refer to using a dictionary or spell check to ensure words or spelt correctly. * Grammar- is average could improve often forget where to use commas. I could improve this by reading more, so that I am aware og how to use the correct grammar. * Punctuation- Punctuation is the same a grammar needs improving quite a lot. * Sentence structure- Could be improved a lot; my reading more I could understand how to lay out sentences properly. * Referencing- referencing is ok used the cite them rite book and also how lecture referenced books on module booklet on , I have a good understanding of how to reference but as with everything else could be improved. Read more academic books to get an insight of to reference properly ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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