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What is a school for

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UEA 2007-2008 Omar Abou-Shady Code/m9 What is a school for Introduction: Not only all educators but also all parents are looking forward to having an ideal schooling system. Elaborates on the title of the research "The School's core" I'm going to demonstrate what is a school for and how should it attempts to serve the learning needs through the core of the school which is in my simple point of view summarized in some important elements (the curriculum, inclusion and the needs of the pupils, assessment for learning, the things a successful school should do well and management of school's resources). The Curriculum The school as an educational system has long been associated with the idea of curriculum but actually what is curriculum? Curriculum simply is a group of pre-planned, continuous and related courses of studies offered by educational system (School) starts and ends in a set of periods for the pupils at the same age. A definition for the curriculum taken by Vic Kelly and John kerr as, "All the learning which is planned and guided by the school, whether it carried on in groups or individually, inside or outside the school" Kelly (1983:10;Kelly 1993). We should look at the curriculum as a triangle has three vertexes, first as a body of knowledge, as process and praxis finally and as product. ...read more.


(mike Harrison 1994), argued that "[subject co-ordination] has to be done by teachers working with each other and agreeing together the changes they want to make." and added "Curriculum co-ordinators promote and implement these agreed changes and monitor the development of the school heart - It's curriculum." Recently, curriculum responsibility in all subjects has been recognized. Obviously curriculum co-ordinators managerial role in all subjects become more important and more effective. Now the question is, how can curriculum co-ordinators be effective? "All the stuff need a clear understanding of the role curriculum co-ordinators are expected to play within a team of professionals." (Mike jarrison 1994). Making change is not impossible. I believe all teachers want to improve themselves, they want to see the children happy with what they are teaching as possible and that will not be achieved unless co-ordination subject teaching. Assessment for Learning Assessment for Learning (AfL) means "using evidence and feedback to identify where pupils are in their learning, what they need to do next and how best to get achieve this. In practice, this means obtaining clear evidence about how to drive up individual attainment; understanding between teachers and pupils on what they need to improve, and agreement on the steps needed to promote sound learning and progress." ...read more.


The school is not for putting our children away from streets but for creating future for individuals and society. It's a factory for building generations of human beings. The school in my opinion is the whole society. Starting from this point and believing in inclusion idea and believing in equality of all people, I think all pupils must be included in the same mainstreaming to set up the idea of equality and one society for all. We must take care of all pupils needs and make learning and education available for all pupils according their needs and abilities. The curriculum must challenge, motivate and improve the pupils' abilities and provide them with a series of experiences in all fields in order to work and live. The curriculum must be comprehensive and creative not depending on some sides of knowledge. Seeking for the best school, we should know what things school should do well. Self-assessment, co-ordinating process that maintains continuous records of evidence of outcomes and achievements. Management of resources, efficiently and effectively employing resources in all subjects in order to get the best learning and teaching. Finally, there is no doubt that school needs to improve continuously, setting targets and long term planning are needed to achieve the best school. ...read more.

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