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What is a team? What is a group? Explain the difference between the two. What are the characteristics of good and bad teams

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Task 1 - what is a team? What is a group? Explain the difference between the two. What are the characteristics of: - A) A good team B) A bad team What is a group? Take Big Brother, they are a group of 12 people who will be with each other for a few months during the weeks, they will have to nominate a person to leave the Big Brother house, the aim is to be the last two people in the house so the public votes who's going to win �70000, whist playing the game they have to work with each other to clean, cook etc, they haven't got a leader so everything can go pear shaped, and they will go behind peoples back to win the money. Collins Dictionary 1995 'number of people or things regarded as a unit' What is a team? Take a football team they have to work together for 90mins on the pitch, there aim is to produce as many goals as possible, to add points on the score board, they have to understand each and try and be on the same level, they have to work together off the pitch as they have to train and keep fit, they have a big team that work with the football players, e.g. ...read more.


team meetings, follow instructions carefully, understand that your supervisor or team leader is the first person you should be talking to if you have any problems, and acknowledge other people's ideas and support. A bad team - most stress and conflict in teams is caused by differing views and poor communication. Learning how to work with other people is an important skill. It is important to look how people communicate on a day to day basis. In a team, everyone needs to pull together and support each other. If a team cannot do this, the quality of its work and subsequently the quality of care suffers. It is the role of a team leader to try to motivate a team but, unless people in the team can communicate well together, morale will be low. Beaver M 1999 'within any team there is likely to be conflict, it is important to deal with this constructively rather than try to ignore it'. Day to day communication is an important skill. There are three elements to communication: Courtesy and politeness Recognition Explanation Courtesy and politeness: - acts as the oil in day-to-day situations. ...read more.


students when they are going of task The teachers don't communicate will with each other, as half the teachers work in a different office and also work different hours Half the teachers have left, and the students don't have any cover teachers to cover the rest of the grading criteria Lack of confidentiality Some teacher's don't work towards the positive they only give negative feedback back when they give an assignment back Don't support the student enough (only some teacher) Leaving one teacher to pick up all the pieces The teachers are really nice and can do there job probably if they work on their own, but from observing them, they need lessons on how to communicate and work as a team, so they get the best atmosphere from them and the students, otherwise the teachers will find it difficult to work with there other colleagues and students, and it will be the student s they will be failing. They need to make decision as a team and agree on the best methods to meet the student capabilities. ?? ?? ?? ?? BTEC National Diploma in Early Years Unit 2 - Communication & Interpersonal Skills Assignment 2 Working in Teams ...read more.

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