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Case study of engineering professional

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CASE STUDY OF ENGINEERING PROFESSIONAL Students and ID Rashid Al Kaabi (3631092) Hadeer Al-Yasery (3632921) Jehan Ammouche (3636276) Majd Khantomani (3651884) Subject Engineering Management 2 Subject Code BMO3851 Lecturer Michael Stewart Date 02 September, 2004 Summary This report gives an insight about how Mr. Valli Navaratnam developed professionally as an engineer. He has worked in several places and in different roles throughout his professional life, his first role was an assistance engineer at Jaffeerjee Brothers Ltd where he did electrical maintenance of the plant, his second position professionally was being a electrical engineer at State Development and Construction Corporation where he was responsible for the installation and commissioning of electrical control plants associated with control of sluice gates in hydro dams, after that he took the same title at a company named Colombo Commercial Co. where he was responsible for the design, installation and commission of industry electrical installations in the tea and rubber industry. All the mentioned positions took place in Sri-Lanka. He then moved to Bahrain and took the role of a system control engineer at a company named Bahrain State electricity directorate. ...read more.


Commissioning new HV(high voltage) plants and integrating then with the system. (1990-1993) Quality control engineer * Organizational Robert Bosch (AUST)Ltd. * Responsible for maintaining quality control on products manufactured in the industry (1994-1995) did masters degree in Electrical Engineering at Victoria University of technology. (1995) now-Lecturer at VUT in the school of Electrical engineering Teaching C++ programming and electrical power subjects. CONCLUSION Mr. Valli Navaratnam is an intelligent and hard working person. Opinion of each member * Majd Khantomani Since my early childhood, I had a passion to become a successful engineer. I got inspiration from my aunty and uncle, who were engineers as well. This is an ironical part that the engineers do not know what they have to do in the job market. Though studying engineering, I never knew what I would do in future. Only after meeting this gentleman Mr. Navaratnam, I could know what real engineers are in the job market. His experience gives me a clear idea on how to shape my future professional life. By performing extra ordinary during the academic period, one can achieve the desired goals. He further laid stress to be a good team player. ...read more.


Being an engineer was my dream since I was in grade nine when I was affected by media and surrounding people who talked a lot about engineering. I was attracted to the word engineer as well as doctor, because of their special affect on people in United Arab Emirates, which is fairly growing country and needs as much local engineers as possible. I started studying in one of the United States universities in Arizona in 1999 because I wanted to learn English in order to start doing my bachelor's degree in Engineering but I was not lucky to complete it there, so I decided to come to Australia to study telecommunications engineering. I found engineering is challenging and interesting at the same time, so the opportunity of success requires hard work. The experience of professional engineers like Mr. Valhi will help me to achieve my goal to finish the course and become a successful engineer. Also, reading, practicing and exploring other people's work are better ways to understand engineering subjects. Group work and time management is another important aspect that I take in mind when doing engineering projects in my course. In brief, I am interested in the course, so I will do what it takes to complete it. ...read more.

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