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Concept Cars:An Automotive Challenge Requiring Patience

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Concept Cars:An Automotive Challenge Requiring Patience To be known in the future you have to think ahead into the future. This is why concept cars have become so popular in the past couple of decades. Not many people succeed in making a successful concept car; which are also known as a prototype. Making a good concept car is a very hard and stressful project that takes a lot of patience. Robert J. Waddell, president of Motor Concept Vehicles of Mississauga, Ontario, took over 6 years and spent over 225 thousand dollars in building his concept car (Morrison 1). The process takes so long because it is not just the body of the car that has to be built, but also everything that goes inside it too. At the GM Design Center, creative designers use the latest software to sketch vehicle concepts and record and manipulate them digitally. Sculptors, who previously worked in clay, refine the two-dimensional sketches into a three-dimensional math environment. Interior and exterior design concepts are reviewed in a virtual reality design studio that provides a stereoscopic display of design ideas. ...read more.


After an engine has been made it has to go through a few hundred-point inspection, meaning it will check for leakage, cracks, noises, rattles and if necessary even for parts in the engine. "It is difficult to certify customized engines for emissions compliance to the degree it is necessary," said Waddell (Morrison 2). The engine is then placed into the mold of a structure of the body to see how it will fit. Even after the refinements are completed with the engine the body might still need a bunch of work. This is why they use a Silicon graphics subsidiary, which would build enough software for designing or refining the body surfaces. What this machine does is it focuses on a 500-square-millimeter field that gives them a 420,000 data point that needs to be redesigned or refined. So they have done every possible thing to the body to make it look presentable. These details are often over looked by some car manufacturers, even though it may take a very long time finding the right pieces that go with the car. ...read more.


Concept cars such as a hybrid have been made also. A hybrid is a vehicle that runs on both gasoline and electricity that needs to be charged up everyday for use. These particular cars do not have even half the power of a pure gasoline or natural gas vehicle. After a recent survey was taken for the hybrid and the gasoline powered vehicles the gasoline powered one was 89 percent more wanted then the hybrid. "A concept car has rarely been bought by a normal minimum waged family," said Jansen. Though it is very expensive it also is a very good vehicle that has been silver spooned to perfection. Even though most of the people in the United States will never own a concept car in the near future it is a very good idea that is being recognized by the media very quickly. These companies that the vehicle manufactures are coming out with are becoming very popular to consumer demand, and in my opinion it will be the birth of new transportation. If history is any criterion, mass-production cars will someday carry some or all of these advancements (Morrison 4). ...read more.

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