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Running Head: OFFICE AUTOMATION AND COLLABORATION Office Automation and Collaboration Payam Afshar University Of Phoenix CIS 205 May 24, 2009 Office Automation and Collaboration In world today, many companies, especially larger corporate organizations rely on various types of office automation equipment and software. As technology improves and corporations expand their offices across the country and around the world, group collaborations software becomes a necessity, rather than a convenience for companies wishing to becomes global market leaders. The company I work for is one of the world's largest home warranty companies. We currently employ over 50,000 people and have all types of home warranty vendors across the country. Supporting an organization of this magnitude requires a massive information technology infrastructure. ...read more.


Lotus Notes "delivers email, calendars and scheduling capabilities, integrated instant messaging, personal information management tools, discussion forums and reference database with basic work flow along with a powerful desktop platform for collaborative applications."(IBM, 2006) While Lotus Notes has many useful and powerful features, and its great collaboration within our own organization, it does have some draw backs. I find that it is often quite slow, lacks some features other email applications have and it is not really compatible with programs such as Microsoft Outlook, which seems to be the standard for business communication making it somewhat difficult to collaborate with businesses or individuals not using Lotus Notes. Specific business units within my company find Lotus Notes extremely useful and make extensive use of its unique capabilities. ...read more.


Remote access is another big part of our automation imitative. From an overseas location I can gain access to the corporate intranet through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and perform tasks such as completing my timecard, expense report or updating my benefit information. This allows me to do tasks that used to require a visit to Human Resources, which because it had to be during normal business hours meant time away from the customer. My company also makes extensive use of Personal Data Assistants (PDA) for people holding certain positions. Unfortunately because of the expense and some security concerns, they are not as wide spread as I would like to see. The only authorized device is a Blackberry and it must be a company issued model to be authorized to access our network. ...read more.

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