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Force Field Analysis

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  • Essay length: 3941 words
  • Submitted: 20/06/2006
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University Degree Engineering

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Force Field Analysis

In this article we would like to explore one approach toward problems of social engineering and to see how it might apply to the kinds of problems we find in the school setting. Suppose, for example, we feel that there is not enough teacher-pupil planning in the classrooms in our high school, and we want to see a change from the more teacher-centered methods of working with a class to methods using more pupil participation in planning. As a group of interested teachers, how can we begin to tackle a problem such as this?

There seem to be four general steps which must be taken if the changes which are desired are to be effected: (1) Analyzing the present situation (2) Determining the changes which are required, (3) Making the changes indicated by the analysis of the situation, and (4) Stabilizing the new situation so that it will be maintained. Let us look at these steps in detail to see what they may imply.


Before effective plans for change can be made the present state of affairs must be defined as accurately as possible. This is

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