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International prject management

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1. The learning objectives as set out in your initiation report. The learning objectives and personal goals may seem to differ from one engineer to another. In general, when choosing the International Project Management course the primary aim is to effectively practice project management skills with an international dimension, to familiarize oneself with the diversity of the various standards as well as maintaining awareness of the differences between countries in terms of managing projects. This will assist me to be qualified to manage projects overseas with a international management techniques which will broaden my outlook and sense of perspective. Furthermore, there are some personal goals as follows. * Improve the ability of managing the nine areas of PM standard and can easily apply them and match report types to examples of their use to be able to solve problems as a project manager. * Recognise the importance of leadership in project management and match project manager roles with examples. * Identify the types of questions to ask to define a project and role as the project manager. * Determine the right amount of project management in given scenarios with a greater understanding of different PM standards. * Recognise the types of project authority and match project stakeholders to examples of their responsibilities. * Identify appropriate team members for a project in a given scenario and match imposed team issues with solutions. * Match the stages of team development to their characteristics for better use of team development tools to manage the development of a project team in a given scenario. * Recognise ways that project management software can be used to manage projects. * Increase the competency to be able to get higher level of PM certificate. 2. A comparison of what you have learnt with the objectives set out Before comparing of what I have learnt with the objectives set out using the Australian National Standard for Competency in Project Management at level 5 and the ICB Global Competency Standard at level B. ...read more.


? 2.2 A comparison of what I have learnt with the objectives set out in the ICB at Level B. A comparison of what you have learnt with the objectives set out using the Global Competency ICB. In the ICB there are three ranges containing related competence elements, technical, behavioural and contextual competence. Table 4, 5 and 6 show the elements of ICB standard that used in the Self-assessment for each range. 1 Technical competence Target "level B" Out of 10 (ICB) I have already learnt (Knowledge only) Knowledge Experience Out of 10 (ICB) Out of 5* (personal assessment) 1.01 Project management success 7 7 7 4 1.02 Interested parties 7 7 6.5 4 1.03 Project requirements & objectives 7 6 7 5 1.04 Risk & opportunity 7 6 7 5 1.05 Quality 7 6 7 5 1.06 Project organisation 7 6 6.5 4 1.07 Teamwork 6 6 6 5 1.08 Problem resolution 7 6 6.5 4 1.09 Project structures 6 6 6 4 1.10 Scope & deliverables 7 5 7 4 1.11 Time & project phases 7 6 7 5 1.12 Resources 6 6 6 5 1.13 Cost & finance 7 6 6.5 4 1.14 Procurement & contract 7 5 6.5 4 1.15 Changes 7 6 6.5 4 1.16 Control & reports 7 6 7 5 1.17 Information & documentation 6 6 6 4 1.18 Communication 7 6 7 5 1.19 Start-up 7 6 6.5 3 1.20 Close-out 7 6 7 4 Average 6.8 6 6.6 4.4 * This rating assessment has been composed based on personal views and feelings as they do not reflect ICB assessment at all. 5=I feel confident in this area, 4= I have some understanding of this attribute/ element, but I could improve, 3=I need to improve my ability in this area, 2= Needs considerable attention, 1= Not appropriate 2 Behavioural competence Target "level B" Out of 10 (ICB) ...read more.


My Bachelor was completed in King Saud University, which is the leading university in Saudi Arabia and in UNSW I have chosen one of the leading university in Australasia and globally. 4.2 After course completion I plan to attain a position with a leading Saudi company after my course completion where I will enhance my skills in all the areas of project management. I have already received some job interesting job offers even before my graduation. Nonetheless, I will be assessing the company on a number of parameters: Firstly, that they are a blue-chip organisation. Secondly, they are involved in leading and diverse projects nationally and internationally. Finally, they can enhance my competencies in the important aspects of project management and allow for personal and professional growth. Another leading concern for me is to attain the PMP certificate, which will increase my skills considerably as well as accelerate my development as a project manager. I am planning to register for the exam as soon as I achieve my Masters degree. I will continue to develop my skills and take courses as well as self-learning. I will probably take the PMP exam 2 or 3 years from now 4.3 Long term prospects/Saudi context Another point is that recently it has been clearly noticed that has been a significant increase in construction projects and investment in various parts of my country. This plays a major role for foreign companies and professional organizations entering the Saudi's market. In order to implement these projects, a large number of contractors and sub-contractors are required. This demand is likely to continue for at least two decades. After working in a professional organisation for about three years and getting the necessary self confidence to start my rational rethinking, this will assist in setting a personal perspective regarding the planning of a successful investment. For instance, forming a construction and contracting company might be beneficial from the presence of foreign companies. This will help in terms of quality improvement and enhancing project management techniques to meet professional demand. ...read more.

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