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International prject management

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  • Essay length: 4239 words
  • Submitted: 27/03/2011
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University Degree Engineering

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1. The learning objectives as set out in your initiation report.

The learning objectives and personal goals may seem to differ from one engineer to another. In general, when choosing the International Project Management course the primary aim is to effectively practice project management skills with an international dimension, to familiarize oneself with the diversity of the various standards as well as maintaining awareness of the differences between countries in terms of managing projects. This will assist me to be qualified to manage projects overseas with a international management techniques which will broaden my outlook and sense of perspective. Furthermore, there are some personal goals as follows.

* Improve the ability of managing the nine areas of PM standard and can easily apply them and match report types to examples of their use to be able to solve problems as a project manager.

* Recognise the importance of leadership in project management and match project manager roles with examples.

* Identify the types of questions to ask to define a project and role as the project manager.

* Determine the right amount of project management in given scenarios with a greater understanding of different

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