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Investigate the elastic behaviour in a spring placed under a positive load (tension) and to calculate it's Spring Response.

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ELASTIC BEHAVIOUR IN SPRINGS (2) Aim: To investigate the elastic behaviour in a spring placed under a positive load (tension) and to calculate it's Spring Response. Apparatus: Tension spring Micrometer screw gauge Lloyd's Tensile machine Method: A Tension spring was taken and a micrometer screw gauge was used to measure the wire diameter and the coil diameter. These readings were recorded and the number of coils in the spring was also noted. ...read more.


The extension was then reduced in 5mm stages back down to 0. At each interval the load values were recorded. The findings were tabulated and a graph was plotted for load vs extension. Results: Number of coils = 18 Wire diameter = 0.0034 m Coil diameter = 0.044 m Table 1 Extension Spring results LOADING UNLOADING Load /N Extension /mm Load /N Extension /mm 0 0 0 0 4.8 5.096 5.4 5.956 9 ...read more.


D3 Where S = Spring Response G = Modules of Rigidity = 79.3 Gpa d = Wire Diameter D = Coil Diameter n = Number of Coils (79.3 X109 X 0.00344) S = ---------------- = 864 Nm-1 (8 X 18 X 0.0443) Conclusion: The results obtained from the graphical method give a good approximation of the Spring Response. The errors occurring in this experiment are from the measurements of the wire diameter. 1 By Yousuf Rahmaan ...read more.

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