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site visit reports

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Site Visit Report Comparing: Gwelup Water Treatment Plant (on the April 1st 2009) Vs Western Australia Specialty Alloys (on the April 24th 2009) Compiled by: Contents Page Title Page 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 Purpose of Site Visit 4 3.0 Activities Conducted during Site Visit 4 3.1 Raw Materials 4 3.2 Occupational Health and Safety 5 3.3 Site Layout 6 3.4 Roles and Responsibilities 6 4.0 Conclusion 7 5.0 References 7 1.0 Introduction University's first year engineering students visited different engineering companies as part of their learning activities. We as group A2 visited Gwelup Water Treatment Plant on the 1st of April 2008 and then later on that same month we visited Western Australia Speciality Alloys on the 24th. Gwelup Water Treatment Plant processes borehole water through the process of aeration, clarification by the flocculation of iron oxide precipitates (using sodium alginate) and finally filtration through sand. This process is done in an unconfined bore field which is located entirely within an urban area. ...read more.


The softened water leaves the top of the tank into carbon filters which remove fine particle that would not have settled. The clean water is now pumped into reservoirs for storage and distribution. Western Australia Specialty Alloys - the raw materials are iron, cobalt, aluminum, nickel and many other metals depending on the alloy that is to be produced. The metals are fed into a high temperature melting furnace in which the heat is provided by a magnetic field passing through the metals. The metals will then form a molten billet that will be poured into a casting to form the desired shape of the ingot. The ingots will have to undergo further heat treatment processes to ensure they contain the desired properties. 3.2 Occupational Health and Safety Standards The two sites we visited had different, strict and unique safety standards that had to be met before entry into the premises: Gwelup Water Treatment Plant - because it is an open environment we were required to wear longs sleeved shirts and pants, appropriate ...read more.


This fore person had to be highly trained and gained a enough experience to run this plant since it is a process in which so many lives are dependent upon. WASA - a production manager had the responsibilities of overseeing the processes, maintenance and all the staff at the site and also report to the directors. 4.0 Conclusion These site visits we conducted have enabled us to understand some of the topics we have been studying (especially alloy production) and it has also proven the importance of working as a group / team and also the importance of following procedure. Both sites had one person in charge and a small team comprising trades persons, assistants and forklift drivers to do all the work on the site efficiently, thus minimizing costs by reducing labor. Apart from leaning how metal alloys are produced we also got a chance to see the metals being melted through a high magnetic field that reduces the fumes produced in older furnaces. Gwelup Water Treatment Plant had to turn off its aeration because it was causing noise pollution in the residential area. 5. ...read more.

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