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Accidental pregnancy.

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Women of all different ages, educational levels, racial and ethnic groups, social and economic classes and religions find it necessary to have an abortion when faced with accidental pregnancy. Almost half of all U.S. women will have an abortion at some point throughout their lives. While abortion rates among young, unmarried, poor and minority women are the highest, rates among those of religious, racial and ethnic groups thought to oppose abortion are high as well. Surprisingly, Catholic women have an abortion rate 29% higher than Protestant women. About 58% of women having abortions are using some sort of contraception during the month they become pregnant, the condom being the method most commonly used. The proportion of women using a condom has increased dramatically among all groups of women having abortions; most of the increased usage replaced reliance on other barrier methods or usage of no method. ...read more.


The church's position on reproductive matters are so extreme that most Catholics don't even agree with them. In the United States, poll after poll show that less than 15 per cent of Catholics agree with the bishops' position on abortion. Catholic women have abortions at a slightly higher rate than women of other faith groups or of no faith group. Four out of five Catholics in the United States say that using modern methods of contraception is not wrong. And Catholics are just as likely as other Americans to use birth control methods opposed by the church. In the wake of the 1973 US Supreme Court Roe v. Wade legalizing abortion, the US bishops began their enormous effort to make abortion illegal again. Although they have not achieved this goal, they still persist at working at it. While efforts initially focused on an outright constitutional ban, the bishops and their anti-choice allies now work to install various restrictions on access to abortions. ...read more.


Also they feel the Church teaching on sexuality and reproduction in not infallible. A Catholic who believes abortion is immoral in all or most circumstances can still support its legality. They believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion but they should not limit other people's choices. Their main point comes when they say that the church has no teaching on when the fetus becomes a person. Official church teaching admits that we do not know exactly when a fetus becomes a person (that is, has a soul), but says fetal life must be protected just in case the fetus is a person. Pro life catholic women show the world that the pope, as statistics on Catholics' use of contraception and abortion reveal, does not really command or dictate the lives of many Catholics. Their dedication to reproductive rights and health is rooted in a commitment to the dignity and rights of women. They continue to raise the moral and ethical dimensions of reproductive issues and to demand that women be respected as their own moral agents. ...read more.

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