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University Degree: Medieval History

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  1. To what extent was the English Invasion of Irelandan accident, unforeseen and unplanned?

    Moreover, as well as his vassals, he hired mercenaries from all around Europe and made his invasion common knowledge, before embarking on a policy of conquest.[3] This is in stark contradiction to the Norman invasion of Ireland. The Normans were not there on a mission of conquest, but to initially help re-establish Diarmait Mac Murchada as King of Leinster.[4] Indeed, the Normans believed that they were ?restoring the fortunes of this honourable man [Diarmait Mac Murchada]?,[5] as articulated by Gerald of Wales and although he may have idealised the motives of his brethren, it reasonable that this opinion was shared by Norman forces, due to the fact their aims or monarchic restoration were clear.

    • Word count: 2557
  2. The One Hundred Years War

    After a time of civil wars and turmoil in England identified as The Anarchy (1135-1154), the Anglo-Norman reign was overthrown by the Angevin Kings. At the height of power the Angevins controlled Normandy and England, along with Maine, Anjou, Touraine, Gascony, Saintonge and Aquitaine. Such assemblage of lands is sometimes known as the Angevin Empire. The king of England, who was still a vassal of the King of France, directly ruled more French territory than the King of France himself.

    • Word count: 3037

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