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Mappess view of sexual

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Writing Assignment 1 When thinking about the sexual morality of our everyday lives we can take into account Thomas Mappes view to help us view and understand the ethics of sex. Mappes's view of sexual morality is comprised of several ideas to his reasoning on adultery, deception, and using others to gain for our own personal growth. His view could be applied to the article by Halwani; to describe Richard Taylor's Having Love Affairs. In this example there are a few things that may make it intricate in order to justify. Thomas Mappes builds his ethical view upon never using someone as a mere means to the end. ...read more.


Mappes's view can conclude to this part of the example solely. The husband in this case is cheating his wife of the truth about their finances which is deceiving to the wife. By staying with the wife and being sexually faithful to solely her, he is only using the sex as a way to show that he is bound to her. His intimacy with her is neither regular nor joyful for either of them, being not in his nature to be sexually active. As the wife has grown ill he cuts off the little love to her off completely therefore neglecting her. ...read more.


We learn that she has an affair with him even though Taylor doesn't openly tell us. If their relationship does not intentionally interfere with either's informed and voluntary consent, then it is not violating the ideas and views that Mappes has set forth. With the answer to who has been faithless to whom being the husband, we learn that this is true through Mappes's View. The husband is intentionally acting in a way that violates the requirement of the wife based on her voluntary consent. He is sexually using the wife by deceiving and also by taking advantage of her desperate situation. Mappes view is applied throughout the whole example showing us that even thought the wife is committing adultery she is not violating his liberal principles of sexual morality. ...read more.

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