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Visual visitation report

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  • Essay length: 2728 words
  • Submitted: 15/06/2009
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University Degree Sikhism

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I met a good friend named Savraj Lota, who is from Kenya and belonged to Sikh religion. To be a guest at a Sikh wedding is to experience many splendour rituals unfold before you. As Raj's elder brother was getting married, I too got a chance to gain some insight into the Sikh culture. I must agree, it was a wonderful first hand experience which has left many vivid memories that will last a lifetime.

He explained to me that Anand Karaj is a prescribed form of Sikh marriage. The word literally translates as "Blissful Union". A Sikh marriage is a special celebration in which two individuals, as well as families, are joined together in equal partnership. An ideal husband and wife will be spiritually inseparable, their individual pasts and presents combining to form one. The spiritual goal of any Sikh is to merge his or her soul or atman with God (Parmatma) and in marriage, the couple will help each other towards this goal. The whole affair is a joyous and festive event, which is very family orientated and informal in atmosphere.

A Sikh marriage can be performed in any Gurdwara- the holy

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