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What Is the Value If Studying Philosophy?

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WHAT IS THE VALUE IF STUDYING PHILOSOPHY? ISAAC GONDWE ACCESS TO H E, CITY COLLEGE OF BRISTOL, 2002/2003. Philosophy has been in existence for many centuries ago .This is the case because it bears certain values that are achieved in studying it. This essay will analyse this question using the arguments presented in defining philosophy and its branches. According to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary ,"philosophy is seeking after wisdom or knowledge especially that which deals with ultimate reality or with the most general causes or principles of things and ideas and human perception and knowledge of them, physical phenomena (natural philosophy) and ethics (moral philosophy)". According to this definition most of the values of studying philosophy may be derived from it. Philosophy clarifies language. It is the tool with which we expose nonsense and express ideas in a way that is unambiguous as possible. Mell Thophson in his book called, "Teach Yourself Philosophy" says that philosophy makes a distinction between "analytic" and "synthetic" statements. ...read more.


He further says that ethics has two different meanings. Firstly it can mean the study of theories about intellectual origins and justification of moral codes and of morality in general. Secondly it can mean the particular code of conduct adopted by individuals or professionals. Anthony Harison-Barbet in "Mastering Philosophy" says that ethics among other things importantly discusses motivation, especially with altruism and selfishness. He says that ethics asks questions about moral principles and about happiness, justice, courage and in a general way about an human states and traits which are regarded as valuable and desirable or valueless and undesirable. This branch is really valuable since it shapes the world into perfection for the enjoyment of any persons that lives in it. Political philosophy deals with the government, the citizens and the state. It is not concerned with the details of a particular government or modes of governing. Rather it tries to answer more general questions as "why should one obey the government of the state he lives in?" ...read more.


Anthony Harrison-Barbet describe logic as the study of that aspect of strict or deductive proof which is concerned with its soundness or unsoundness. Logic has generally set out rules for testing soundness. It is not possible to find out what is true or false. Logic in general improves the general thinking process and equips an individual with a critical mind. Philosophy is said to be the parent body of all disciplines of study. They have branched of from philosophy and now concentrate on aparticular field. They have expanded in their own right. For example great philosophers such as Pythagoras (born c. 570 B.C.) ,invented what is called pythagorean theory which is used in mathmatics, sir Isaac Newton was the brain behind many scientific theories that have made a lot of contributions in shaping the world. In summary philosophy digs deep into all other fields of study such as philosophy of language, jurispudence aesthetics and many other more fields. In conclusion the values of studying philosophy can firstly be derived from the definition itself and by going down the list of its branches, we can find the immense value of studying it. ...read more.

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