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Consensus vs. Conflict Criminal Justice Models.

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Consensus vs. Conflict Criminal Justice Models Amara R. Serrano-Kirby CJA 320: Introduction to Criminal Justice University of Phoenix Abstract In order to understand the criminal justice system, you must first define it to so see if and how it works. The criminal justice system is broken down into two (2) models, the Consensus model and the Conflict model. I will try to define each system and explain how they achieve justice. The criminal justice system is comprised on three basic levels, policing, justice, and corrections. There are two models of criminal justice system which tries to explain how justice is achieved. The first model is the consensus model or the system perspective, which states that the organizations of a criminal justice system either do, or should cooperate. The conflict model or the non-system perspective assumes that the organizations of a criminal justice system do, or should compete. In order to make a decision on either model, we will present the facts and examples on both to determine which model accomplishes its goal more successfully. ...read more.


The prosecution had a problem that was stemmed by the investigation, and the defense had a field day. Corrections did not even get their chance. Unfortunately, two people died and justification, if there is any, was even given to their poor families. The consensus model argues that the organizations of a criminal justice system either do, or should work cooperatively to produce justice. I truly believe and would love to see a consensus model of criminal justice. All law enforcement which includes local, state, and federal agencies working together, sharing intelligence and resources to take down for example a mid-level heroin drug trafficking organization. Each level has their own area of "expertise." The state and local law enforcement know the area and have working contacts while the federal agents have the resources and jurisdiction if needed. As a unit they have included, conferred and worked with either the state or federal attorney's office to make sure the case and arrests qualify for the correct prosecution. ...read more.


If you have the consensus model on one side and the conflict model on the other I personally feel that currently the criminal justice system is working right down the middle. I see good and bad points with both models and in combining both models is where you will find a model that really works. Some groups argue that the conflict model is the reality of criminal justice, but the consensus model is the ideal. It would be safe to say that some Americans would agree that our current criminal justice system is broken. Most of the society and including myself are troubled with the fact that criminal are treated far better than their victims. So does crime pay? Of course not! Working in the "business" I have seen the extreme examples of both models. Law enforcement no matter what branch should support one another, but a little competition never hurt anyone. If keeps you sharp and performing to your best ability. http://www.encyclopedua4u.com/c/criminal-justice http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/conflict_model_(criminal _ justice) http://www.bbc.co.uk/crime/caseclosed/dahmer1.shtml Consensus vs. Conflict 1 ...read more.

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