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Consumer Protection.

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Purpose NISRA Citizen Charter Customer and Service Standards What claims they are Making Records and search services guidance on Marriage Procedures, Registration of Death, Name Changes Building Control, cleansing services, Civic Amenity, Environmental Health, Parks, playing fields and cemeteries, leisure services, economic development, Community development. What targets they have set * Deal with telephone requests for general information about the registration services available. * Deal with postal applications and written enquiries for certificates within 8 working days. * Keep queuing times in the public office under 10 minutes * Ensure that all births (live and still), deaths, marriages, adoptions are registered; * Ensure that all information collected is relevant, accurate, complete and updated when required in such a way as to maintain public confidence in the records; * Produce and publish accurate statistics relevant to the needs of customers; * Preserve births, deaths, marriages and adoption records permanently and to store them securely; * Produce certified copies of records efficiently and promptly on demand. * To Register General's Annual report. * Consult our customers to identify and meet their needs; * Work in Partnership with others. * Demonstrate equal treatments for all. * Promote best practice. * Operate in an open and accountable manner. * TO ENSURE THAT ALL SERVICES AND STANDARDS MEET THE IDENTIFIED NEEDS OF OUR CUSTMERS AND TO REGULARLY REVIEW AND PUBLISH OUR PERFORMANCE AGAINST THESE STANDARDS. How do they consult with consumers * You get interviewed by a Social Survey Interviewer * You get to complete the ...read more.


Even if they apply for a court order you can ask the court to suspend the "Return Order" and accept your offer to pay the outstanding amounts by instalments. If you do not agree and the creditor has not got a court order, but takes the goods back anyway you can sue the creditor and claim back all the money you have paid under the agreement. The creditor cannot enter your premises to repossess the goods without your permission or without a court order. 4. If a credit agreement is unfair then you can apply to the court and ask them to look at the agreement and put in place a new agreement or alter the old one. However, the court will only do this if it can be shown that the agreement is "extortionate"(a very high price). Laws and Consequences There are many types of organisations that deal with cheating or breaking the law in the Business world. They are: Office of Fair Trading (oft) The role of the OFT is to: * Identify trading produces which are against consumer interests. * To put these right, wherever possible. * Regulate the provision of consumer credit. * Investigate and remember activities by industry and commence which are against the interests of consumers (such as rising prices or limiting the supply of an item). Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) There are nearly 800 Citizen advice Bureaux in Britain. ...read more.


Either give me a full refund or you can give the PC I ordered. CHL-We can't do anything to resolve this case. There is no proof of you buying anything. Alan-fine I'll get my Lawyer to resolve this. Alan arranges to meet his lawyer. Lawyer- Hello. How can I help you? Alan tells his version events that have occurred in the last couple of weeks. Alan-So what do you make of this case? Lawyer-Yes this is very good case Alan. They are breaking the Supply of Goods and Services Act which states that they cannot supply faulty goods and their services are blaming the consumer for lying. Do you have the receipt for the product you bought? Alan- Sorted. Let's pay a visit to PC World. Alan and his lawyer go to PC World. Lawyer- My client ordered a PC three weeks ago and it was supposed to arrive last week but it still has not arrived. Seller-There is no proof that he bought a PC from PC World. Alan- I have my bank statement and I also have the receipt for the purchase of the PC. Seller- That's not even a PC World receipt. Lawyer- Fine, I'll see you in court then. Seller- I was only joking. I'm sure we can renegociate about this misunderstanding. Lawyer- To get a PC the he wanted or a full refund plus compensation. Seller - You can have the PC you wanted Alan sorry sir. Alan- thank you. The case is resolved and Alan gets the PC he wanted and an extra bonus for compensation. ...read more.

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