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Consumer Protection.

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  • Essay length: 2502 words
  • Submitted: 15/01/2004
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University Degree Contract Law

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NISRA Citizen Charter

Customer and Service Standards

What claims they are Making

Records and search services guidance on Marriage Procedures, Registration of Death, Name Changes

Building Control, cleansing services, Civic Amenity, Environmental Health, Parks, playing fields and cemeteries, leisure services, economic development, Community development.

What targets they have set

* Deal with telephone requests for general information about the registration services available.

* Deal with postal applications and written enquiries for certificates within 8 working days.

* Keep queuing times in the public office under 10 minutes

* Ensure that all births (live and still), deaths, marriages, adoptions are registered;

* Ensure that all information collected is relevant, accurate, complete and updated when required in such a way as to maintain public confidence in the records;

* Produce and publish accurate statistics relevant to the needs of customers;

* Preserve births, deaths, marriages and adoption records permanently and to store them securely;

* Produce certified copies of records efficiently and promptly on demand.

* To Register General's Annual report.

* Consult our customers to identify and meet their needs;

* Work

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