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Contract case reading exercise.

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  • Essay length: 994 words
  • Submitted: 12/01/2004
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University Degree Contract Law

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Contract case reading exercise

The claimant in this case is named Rebecca Jane Edmonds born on the 1 November 1968 at the time of the case she was aged 31. She graduated from Oxford with a degree in English and worked within the information technology industry for sometime before deciding to become a lawyer. She undertook a M.A course at the University of Kent at Canterbury. Following this she studied for the common professional examination at the University of Westminster. Edmonds did a number of mini pupillages and successfully found herself at the Inns of Court school of law. During her year there she decided to pursue a career at the criminal bar. After contacting a number of chambers specialising in crime she was invited to an interview at Mr. Lawson's' chambers at 23, Essex street, a large and highly regarded set of criminal chambers. Edmonds was offered by the head of the chambers an unfounded 12-month pupilage at the chambers on 21st Aug 1998.

Michael Lawson was sued by claimant Rebecca Edmonds on his own behalf and behalf of all the members of chambers, at 23 Essex Street London the second defendant Rupert Pardoe and the

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