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University Degree: Family Law

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  1. Briefly explain the key differences between the three types of Alternative Dispute Resolution and explain why they are preferable to the ordinary civil courts.

    or must follow (binding arbitration). The arbitrator must be an independent individual qualified to impose a solution on the parties in a specific context. Such a solution in arbitration is binding on both parties and even though it can be appealed against in court such an appeal will come under very close scrutiny. Arbitration is governed by several Arbitration Acts which gradually streamlined the process and ensured its speed and cost effectiveness, making it a proper alternative to litigation. Arbitration is very common in the commercial world, due to its confidential nature.

    • Word count: 812
  2. "Examine the presentations of Keith Hayward in chapters 1-4. How important is he to the early stages of the novel, Spies?"

    Stephen expands his good fortune and explains in the following paragraph the difference between himself and Keith. Stephen accepted that Keith was "the officer corps in our two-man army. I was the other ranks - and grateful to be so." Frayn uses the words "officer" and "other ranks" to emphasise the difference between Stephen and Keith. The word "officer" clearly implies a superior person whereas "other ranks" suggests inferiority. The admiration in which Keith is held is demonstrated on page 12 when Frayn talks about the boys deciding what they are going to do that day, "or rather Stephen's waiting for Keith to decide."

    • Word count: 877
  3. Why Same-Sex Marriage's Make Sense, A Small Community's Perspective

    In a country, much less a community like Ann Arbor, where equality is pursued so commendably, one is taken by surprise to find that homosexual marriages are not given the same legal rights as heterosexual ones, nor are they recognized. From this fact one can conclude that the formers of legal policy have decided that same-sex marriages are not equal to heterosexual marriages. Taking this a step further, they have decided one is allowed to choose any heterosexual partner they see fit and enjoy the protection of the law, but one is not allowed to choose a same-sex partner and enjoy those same protections.

    • Word count: 850
  4. The Effects on Children In Same Sex Marriages.

    Nevertheless, there are some who question the effect of having homosexual parents can have on a child. This paper will examine several aspects of development in children from same-sex families in comparison to those raised in heterosexual families. Legally, same-sex couples have overcome many barriers throughout the world. In Quebec, considered to be one of the most liberal in the world concerning homosexual rights, civil unions between same sex couples are legally allowed. As well, homosexual couples have legal rights in adoption and fertility matters. Whereas before when birth certificates allowed only a mother and father's name, today both parents can have their names on the certificate, even if they are of the same sex.

    • Word count: 788
  5. Changes on the life of women in this century have affected different aspects of their social life compared to women in the past century.

    Pontian has the highest divorce rate in the EU. Pontish marriages in every 1000 end up in divorce compared to the rest of Europe. The number of divorces rose from 29000 in 1951 to 155000 in 1995. Homes and marriages may be broken. Separation thraige either choice necessity (like working home or imprisonment may cause a broken home, as may the death of a partner. So homes may be broken for reasons other than divorce. Women in this century now take up employment, which means that they may have a voice in terms of financial support.

    • Word count: 688
  6. How wide is the term injunction, and why are they granted?

    and Co-operative Insurance v Argyll Stores (Holdings) Ltd. (1997) An Interlocutory injunction is an injunction intended to preserve the rights of one party to litigation until the formal hearing of the matter. An interlocutory injunction is taken out to stop something but only temporarily. Factors, which will be taken into account before this injunction is taken out, are: * Strength of the plaintiff's case * Irreparable harm suffered if injunction is not granted * Balance of convenience; look at the burdens and the conveniences. One example of what I have found is American Cyanamid Co v Ethicon Ltd (1975)

    • Word count: 656

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