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Human Rights and Human Beings: The Law on Abortion and What it is to be Human

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  • Essay length: 4681 words
  • Submitted: 28/04/2008
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University Degree Human Rights Law

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Human rights are based on human beings. Discuss with reference to both the law on abortion and on the case of Airedale NHS Trust v Bland, House of Lords (1993).

What it is to be human has been a philosophical, political, and religious debate that has lasted for centuries, and continues to this day. It is apparent that in order to determine the purpose of human rights, we must first determine what constitutes a 'human being;' that is to say, when does 'life' begin, and even, when does one's humanity end? I contend that there are no correct answer to these questions, merely opinions supported by arguments and on occasion the odd 'fact', scientific, religious, or otherwise. Every individual must answer these questions for his- or herself; however, in order to ensure that human rights are enforced it has become essential that the government take a stand regarding the answer to the aforementioned queries so that it may be known to whom these rights apply. In this essay I will refer to the arguments set forth by pro-life and pro-choice advocates alike, referencing the many podiums from which they stem, and consider case law applicable to abortion

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