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The US Federal Court system.

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The Federal Court system many individuals don't realize a lot about the numerous federal courts that are located nationwide. This is simply because the courts are not well known unlike the congress debates that are publicized on the T.V. These courts do not have a big impact on individual lives. The Federal Courts are responsible for numerous different things such as the hearing of certain cases that involves legal disputes as well as interpreting laws and legal rights. The Federal Court system consists of two different courts the Article III court as well as the basic court that is established under Congress. ...read more.


The Article III courts have greater power since they are independent. Article III courts as well consist of two special courts the United States court of claims and the United States court of International trade. These courts are considered special because they do not have normal jurisdictions. Courts of normal jurisdictions are entitled to hear any case. Trial and Appellate The difference between the trial and appellate courts are the trial courts hold trials and the appellate courts hold appeals. Trials will always originate in the trial courts even though sometimes trials maybe referred to as courts of original jurisdiction. A case can move from a trial to appellate court, these two levels of courts form a hierarchical jurisdiction. ...read more.


These courts will not conduct trials on their own. The Appellate court rulings are based primarily on the information that is presented by both sides which will contain arguments as well as legal reasoning's, no evidence or witnesses are presented in the Appellate courts. The appeals are argued by legal representation such as attorneys. The attorney's argue the points of law vs presenting evidence of the case. The defendants have the right to an appeal based on the individuals belief that they have non effective counsel. Even though if new evidence is present that will exonerate a convicted person it is rare that an appeal can arise. For an appeal to have a chance of existence attorneys from both sides must ensure that objections arise during an original trial or the right to appeal will be non existent. ...read more.

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