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University Degree: Classical Studies

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  1. Free essay

    Could a female be as heroic as a male character in Greek tragedy?

    This order of things at the very least ensured stability of both the polis and oikos. Unsurprisingly, as within society itself, women within literature were often defined by the roles expected of her, with dire consequences should she ever reject these roles. Clytemnestra is perhaps one of the most infamous female characters throughout Greek tragedy. Her status in Agamemnon as villainess might at first glance be justified - she abandons her feminine role of wife and mother and violently slays her husband and his young concubine, apparently out of jealousy.

    • Word count: 3002
  2. What were the roles, privileges and rights of women in both public and private live in Roman Egypt?

    II. 35) Of course, while we cannot take this passage as a literal description, it does provide us with a mindset of how gender roles in Egypt were perceived prior to Roman occupation. A Roman living in the late Republic might too have found Herodotus' description not so outlandish were he exposed to the incessant propaganda campaigns against the country initiated by Octavian as he was consolidating his powers in the Empire. The fact that Egypt was ruled by a queen during Octavian's rise to power is highly significant - it was not only her nationality as an Egyptian

    • Word count: 3635
  3. How would an Epicurean respond to Callicles argument (in Platos Gorgias) on pleasure?

    (491e) Callicles, then, sees temperance as a negative human trait, characteristic of those who are both unwise and inferior. For Epicurus, asserting one's authority over those who are fundamentally 'weak' is to be avoided - Callicles, here, is setting himself up for a fall. He continues: 'For how can a man be happy if he is a slave to anybody at all? No, natural fairness and justice, I tell you now quite frankly, is this-that he who would live rightly should let his desires be as strong as possible and not chasten them, and should be able to minister to them when they are at their height by reason of his manliness and intelligence, and satisfy each appetite in turn with what it desires.'

    • Word count: 3344
  4. What do the literary and historical texts tell us about Roman attitudes towards Egypt?

    It was only a few years after the very creation of the Triumvirate that Mark Antony had married the wealthy and ambitious Cleopatra and was living openly with her in Egypt - abandoning his wife in Rome. Octavian, in the meantime, seized the opportunity to push forward his own image as a modest and unassuming figurehead of the Republic, emphasising the stark contrast between himself and Mark Antony in the opulent east. Octavian had won the sympathies of the Roman people by exposing Antony as a traitor to Rome and as someone who now regarded himself as an Egyptian.

    • Word count: 3442
  5. Language Features in English Advertisements

    In his comment, he asserted advertisement is a literary form and the copywriting process is the delightful and salubrious exercise for the mind. We live in a world of advertising. As potential consumers, we are endlessly bombarded with all kinds of product or service information from various media including newspapers, magazines, television, radio, posters and Internet, etc. Advertising provides a valuable service to society and its members, because it defines the meaning and the role of products, services, and institutions for consumers.

    • Word count: 5768
  6. 4.Universal truths? Discuss the role of Greek myth in modern theory.

    of things and is thus able to master things and manipulate them at will; this is not an 'external", 'abstract' knowledge, but a knowledge that one 'lives' ritually, either by reciting the myth ceremonially, or by carrying out the ritual for which it serves as justification; -that in one way or another one 'lives' the myth, gripped by the sacred, exalting power of the events one is rememorializing and reactualizing.3 The re-visioning of myth gave it more authority, allowing it to hold a deeper truth of reality than that noted in the work of Max Muller, whose essay, "Comparative Mythology,"

    • Word count: 3063
  7. Analysis on Tesss Tragedy Through

    In his works, Hardy described miserable life of the lower-class people, especially the peasant women, as well as the world-shaking changes in the poverty- stricken rural area brought by the invasion of capitalism, at the mean time; he mercilessly exposed the hypocrisy of bourgeois ethic moral, law and religion, and expressed the deep sympathy towards the poor, but most of his works are penetrated with pessimistic fatalism. Tess of the d'Urbervilles is publically considered as one the most outstanding masterpieces of Hardy, which tells a miserable life of a na�ve, beautiful and brave girl and it is a concentration of Hardy's fatalism.

    • Word count: 3003
  8. The Syllable: Comparison of English and Japanese

    Problems also occur when we try to identify the boundaries of these units. How, for example, are we to divide a word such as 'athlete' /�?li?t/? Should the thl /?l/ be put with the first or second syllable? What rules can we apply for stress placement on words like abstract - '�bstr�ct (adjective) and �b'str�kt (verb)? Put simply, the syllable, whilst easily recognisable is one that is hard to define (Kreidler 1989) and in the case of English comprises of a syllable structure more complex than most languages (Roach 2004:79).

    • Word count: 5526
  9. Language Testing Practical Task

    Following this a discussion for improvements for the test will be given. 1. Analysis of the test items1 1.1 Item Difficulty The item facility index allows us to measure the difficulty of a question for the tester and is useful for ordering tests, with the easier items at the beginning. Questions 1,7,11, 15 and 17 all have a very low item difficulty ranking of 1 or close to 1 which mean that almost 100 per cent of the students answered correctly.

    • Word count: 4424
  10. The the role of the social environment in bilingual development

    These illustrate the way in which the social environment, particularly the family, can exert great influence on bilingual development. Part of the aim of this paper is to consider what constitutes the 'social environment' of a bilingual and to explain how this can affect bilingual development. This paper will consider the effect of social environment through the lenses of Language Socialisation (LS) and Group Socialisation Theory (GS). While noting the importance of parents we will also discuss the social environment outside of the family such as the role of peers and school on the social environment and stress that a bilingual's development cannot be envisaged independently from society.

    • Word count: 3684
  11. Odysseus(TM) Cretan Tales as the Homecoming Tales of Other Heroes

    This is hardly an easy predicament to explain, but he claims to be a Cretan exile, having killed Orsilochus, the son of Idomeneus of Crete, "because he tried to deprive me of all my share of the plunder from Troy."2 Phoenician sailors conveyed him to Ithaca, having gotten lost on their way to Elis or Pylos. The Phoenicians, he says, set the wanderer and all of his treasure onto the land while he was sleeping and sailed off in the night.3 It might seem strange to lie to a goddess, as someone who clearly knows the truth and indeed has had some influence in shaping the truth Odysseus experienced.

    • Word count: 3527
  12. Romeo and Juliet

    The word 'my' is a first person pronoun that illustrates the fact that Juliet is Capulet's possession and that he does not want her to be taken away from him. It also would have reminded audiences in Shakespearean times that children - especially women - are the properties of their father's until after marriage. It was their father's responsibility to choose when and whom their daughter would marry. Capulet continues to illustrate how much he cares for Juliet as Act One Scene Two continues.

    • Word count: 3067
  13. Discuss the music education programme laid out by Plato in the Republic.

    poses questions not just about the importance of Greek music and how it should be taught to the young Athenian scholars, but also about the nature of the Republic itself. What does the system entail, what does Socrates hope to achieve through the censorship of what is taught as part of music education, and (consequently) what does Plato wish to achieve in the Republic (in a more general context)? It is acknowledged right from the start of the discussion on music education that music is deeply entwined with other disciplines, and that they must be dealt with as a whole as well as being dealt with separately.

    • Word count: 3721
  14. El Romanticismo en El Matadero, de Esteban Echeverra

    Este hecho no es tan parad�jico si tenemos en cuenta que dichas corrientes constituyen una especie de marco cronol�gico del Romanticismo, es decir, o bien lo preceden o bien lo suceden, por lo tanto es inevitable encontrar semejanzas, paralelismos e influencias entre movimientos, ya que casi nunca un tr�nsito de una corriente a otra supone una ruptura definitiva de los c�nones establecidos. Echeverr�a es un autor de la corriente literaria argentina llamada Generaci�n del 37, integrada tambi�n por los escritores latinoamericanos Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, Juan Bautista Alberdi y Jos� M�rmol.

    • Word count: 3771
  15. What is a kletic poem? What types of relationships between humans and deities do these poems define? A kletic poem is one that

    Though Sappho also capitalizes the "L", she describes love as an abstract being, a "creature" with no human characteristics. She also describes the creature as being bittersweet, illustrating how love can be both pleasurable and painful. When we think of war, we think of everything else that relates to it. Most if not all the metaphors which are used in poetry concerning war are those related objects or situations. Mimnermus in his sixth poem writes, "Not such was the might and manly spirit of that man...with him Pallas Athena never found fault at all, nor with the keen-edge might of his heart, when through the front lines he used to rush in war's bloody combat...for no man was better and braver than that one, when he moved like the rays of the sun."

    • Word count: 3471
  16. How did the Brutality of Apartheid Affect the Theatrical Development of Athol Fugard with Special Reference to "The Island"?

    "Apartheid", is the official name given to a political system, which is based upon racial discrimination. Obviously, people that live in an area where apartheid has been instated, are greatly affected, and naturally have different views to those that we have in the West. In 1948, South Africa was divided, however, it is widely known that the culture of apartheid had been present for many years before it was officially installed. In 1948, the all white National Party (founded in 1914) came to power. For year's segregation and inequality between races had existed as a matter of custom and practice in South Africa, now it became a law.

    • Word count: 4708
  17. JUVENIL'S SATIRES - attacking the Patron-Client Relationship in Roman Politics.

    It is likely that the rich and powerful enjoyed the status it gave them, but they felt no obligation to their clients and merely went through the motions of patronage. Juvenal suggests that clients, for their part, regarded it with total cynicism as a means of getting free food and other hand-outs. An increasing population of urban poor, and an influx of foreigners such as Greeks meant that there were many more clients dependent on the generosity of the wealthy patrons.

    • Word count: 4177

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