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corpus and concordance in comparing grammar in both speech and writing

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Introduction: The following essay is about the corpus and concordance in comparing grammar in both speech and writing. This essay mainly divided in to three tasks. First task, is a data preparation, second task is a comparison of (play) in speech and writing, using data collected in task one, the final task is task three, which is a comparison of wider lexicogrammatical patterns. Task one: (Data Preparation) This task is about including the number of concordance lines which (play) occurred in, as a verb and noun in both spoken and written corpora, also it include the most frequent collocates occurred in several positions, as a last step in this task; various examples will be attached from the corpus. a) Occurrences of the singular verb form of the word (play) in the whole BNC-OU speech corpus are 64, and in one third of the BNC-OU written corpus of the same verb are 20. b) Occurrences of the singular noun form of the word (play) in the whole BNC-OU speech corpus are 39, and in one third of the BNC-OU written corpus are 62. c) What are the five most frequent collocates in first and second positions to the right and left of the noun and verb forms of (play) in both your speech and written corpora? Word Corpora 2-left 1- left 1- right 2-right Play (v.) Speech 4 when 4 go 3 no 3 they 14 you 12 they 7 I 5 we 5 and 4 all 12 it 11 with 5 the 3 that 3 on 4 that 3 by 3 your 3 the Written 3 we Play (n.) ...read more.


50 with 17 it 13 for 13 the 7 in 7 on 15 the 9 and 9 I 7 it 7 you Written 6 role 4 had 4 did 3 is 80 to 8 n't 5 can 4 will 3 and 17 in 8 a 7 for 6 the 5 and 9 the 6 part 3 ' 3 and In spoken corpus, the infinitive form of the word play occurred 241 times. Play in infinitive usually preceded by the preposition to, 94 times, take for instance; ... at? Yeah, what do you think of your toys [[to]] play with Mum look at that poor man he's got ..., and followed by the proposition with, 50 times; ... there's no need for it come on [[do]]n't play with it, just take it Will you write me absence ... 1- ... no points from one game, South Africa have still [[to]] play. So I should think it's gonna be the ... South Africa --> noun + have --> finite + play --> verb infinitive South Africa --> participant + play --> process. The first clause is independent, but the second is dependent. So indicates relational clauses In written corpus, the infinitive form of the verb (Play) occurred in 117 concordance lines, mostly preceded by the preposition to, 80 times, for instance; ... five-year ban to a three-year suspension, they both deserve [[to]] play again. But I cannot see any other members of .... ...read more.


, the most commonly element followed playing is the preposition with, by 29 times, take for example; ... isn't it? What's Samantha? Words, she[['s]] playing with words. We're not are we? No, quite. There .... 1- ... that match they were lucky. Sunderland won, who were they [[playing]]? Sunderland won. Er Oxford I think. They were winning three ... who --> pronoun + were --> finite + they --> pronoun + playing --> v.ing who --> participant + they --> participant + playing --> process two clauses linked with subordination conjunction 'who', the first clause is independent, the second one is dependent. In written corpus, the word (playing) in the gerund form occurred in 104 concordance lines, preceded commonly by the finite was, 9 times, as the example shows; ... reinstated, and those who took the view that Clasper [[was]] playing power politics with their jobs at stake. The latter demanded ..., and mostly followed by the article the, 8 times, as such in; ... a barren beginning. To match their storming performances [[the]] actor playing the husband had to be forceful, too, and Peter Dayson ... The previous essay was about three main tasks, data preparation, comparison of play in speech and writing and comparison of wider lexicogrammatical patterns. Some of the main points encountered are; the position of a specific word determine whether the sentence is imperative, declarative or interrogative. Also the various meaning one word could have changes according to the position and the situation. When there is a subordination conjunction, the clause starts with it is always dependent. ...read more.

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