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Foreboding in Romeo and Juliet

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Throughout this play, there is a constant under current of foreboding. We are frequently reminded of the tragic consequences facing Romeo and Juliet. We are first see this in the prologue of the play. We are immediately given the sense that this is not the happy love story we are expecting. The line which says ' A pair of star crossed lovers take their life;' suggests that the play will end in tragedy. The characters in this play believe that all their actions are controlled by the sun and fate. By telling us that the Romeo and Juliet were star crossed, it seems that they are destined to go against fate. ...read more.


After Romeo has spoken, Mercutio gives a very long enchanting speech. There is a great influence of fairies, fate, fortune, luck and stars. Again, we are reminded of the nature of the play. Romeo says ' I fear, too early; for my mind misgives/ Some consequence...' Romeo has a bad feeling about the evening to come. He realises that their presence at the party will have bad consequences. This gives us a sense of bore boding. He also makes reference to fate. ' Yet hanging in the stars...' He knows that his life is written in the stars and that fate controls his destiny. When Romeo first saw Juliet he is over come with her beauty and gives a long speech about her. ...read more.


He is trying to conjure up spirits and makes references to death. ' The ape is dead, and I must conjure him.' This is again giving us a sense of death and mortality. In the balcony scene with Romeo and Juliet, Romeo seems to defy fate and the sun quite a lot. He compares Juliet with the sun and says that she is greater than the moon. It seems as if he deliberately the stars. Romeo seems very over confident. He thinks he is in control of his fate but he's not. The stars are. Within this scene there are lots of heavenly references made, mainly by Romeo. This helps us to sustain the feeling of apprehension. Juliet is described as a winged messenger of heaven - an angel. ...read more.

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