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Home Sweet Home.

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Home Sweet Home As a child, I move homes quite regularly due to the constant changes in my father's job. Thus, my childhood was like an endless roller coaster with unexpected and sometimes frightening curves and turns. Just when I am feeling the exhilaration of having found a home and of reaching the peak, my roller coaster takes a devastating plunge down the steep slope and I am left to start rolling along to a new part of the ride, symbolizing a new part of my life. Fortunately, at the age of nine, I moved into my Godmother's massive, white house filled with so many windows that it sometimes seems like the house was made out of clear sparkling glass. Being a petite little girl, I remember feeling like a princess entering her beautiful castle for the very first time. Now as a young successful college student residing in the hectic and busy city of Los Angeles, I feel an unexplainable urge to visit the one place that I was able to call home: my old neighborhood in the small and peaceful city of Garden Grove. Even though ten years have gone by, I still feel all the sensations that came to me when I was first introduced to this house. ...read more.


Perhaps it is only my imagination, but this house releases a smell that is almost unbearable. I quickly pinch my nose in responds to the horrid smell of dirty diapers and rotten eggs. I feel like I am standing in front of a ten year old dumpster that has never been dispose of or emptied out. I can just picture the swarms of flies and insects that this house must attract. Of all the years that I lived in this neighborhood, never once did I see a resident walk out of this house, nor an automobile in the driveway. The door has never left its place to let a single gust of wind or a streak of light pass through. Thus I begin to call this destination, "the haunted house". The unsolved mystery of this bizarre and deserted house gives me an eerie feeling that lingers in my body. Walking away, I still feel uneasy and disturbed. The unreasonable child inside of me is convincing me that I am being followed by a ghost. I shiver and quickly shake my head to try to get rid of all the crazy thoughts. To my surprise, I am unexpectedly amused by an odd clicking noise. ...read more.


Interpretation My observations were based through my senses: sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. Of all my sense, sight is the most easily used because the minute I open my eyes, I am able to view a certain object or scenery. Sometimes I chose to briefly shut my eyes so that I can put my other senses into play in a much more concentrated way. I stated everything that I felt such as the brush of the wind or the mist of the water on my face. I also sniffed consistently to see if I am able to observe any distinct smell. For example, when I was trying to imagine the smell of the dinner in the homes, all I could smell was the dampness of the lawn and the gasoline on the asphalt. It made me realize that my brain may want to smell these particular items but my nose is telling me what is really there in reality. It gave me a clearer view of the distinction between the two. I also felt the roughness of the brick wall and tasted the mist of the sprinklers. After observing the things around me, I realized how much more meaningful everyday items are when you use every single one of your senses. ...read more.

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