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How do different poets treat the theme of love?

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How do different poets treat the theme of love? In this essay, we will explore and discuss the similar and different interpretations of love when used by different poets. We will try to portray a clear, overall view of love and its effects on people and relationships when used in different contexts involving technical devices. This essay aims to include the poet's attitudes, motives and the type of love they feel at the time they wrote the poem and also the different strategies and procedures they make use of to reach their objectives. When looking at this we will in addition consider the different methods used by the poets to conceal their true intentions. Further more, we will endeavour to interpret the feelings of the person who is receiving the poem, their attitude to the poet after receiving the poem and how they respond to the poet's perspective of love. ...read more.


Clare often refers to the effects of his love as a physical illness. This gives us the impression that to Clare the love is negative. This is made clear when he says such things as 'My face turned pale as deadly pale' and 'My legs refused to walk away'. He is trying to show the extremes the love sets on him and the lack of control he has over them. Additionally, he uses personification saying that his legs refuse to walk, when it is him that controls his legs. So he is consequently saying that he does not have control over his love. Many times Clare exemplifies love as a negative emotion. This is made apparent when he says 'And blood burnt round my heart', this presents us with the idea that his heart is burning because of her. ...read more.


The poem is used to show Clare's feelings of true love. This is made obvious when he says 'My heart has left its dwelling place' this leads us to believe that she has an effect on his heart and not just his eyes and as a result he is not just feeling lust towards her. The second poem we will be observing is 'The Flea'.He uses a range of techniques to sway her mind to give in to his wishes. One of the most persuasive techniques he uses is religious imagery. This is because at the time the poem was written in the 17th Century (late Elizabethan) religion was a key element. The different styles of writing emphasize the key element of the poems. On the other hand the best thing that the poet could do in the situation that h had been put in. ...read more.

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